Last summer we had the pleasure to host a guest from South Africa for the weekend. Every morning he made himself fried bananas! We never tried them… until today. Our SOTW Ancient Africa activities included a lot of recipes to try, and since we’re vegetarians, we decided to go with an easy one.

This was our first time eating a plantain. It looked a little overripe, but it worked out fine.

They were more challenging to peel than a normal banana, so I cut it in three pieces and went from there. Then I sliced them into 1/4″ slices. We don’t fry things much, so all I had to fry them in was coconut butter. About a minute on each side.

I also wanted to make the Mango Rice, but I forgot to pick up mangoes. So we just had the Fried Plantains with white rice. And this was our dinner tonight! (A typical dinner for us lately is brown rice and some sort of bean, so this wasn’t that unusual.)

They were delicious!!