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I am not sure if I notified anywhere on this blog, but we have been gone for about 10 days on a 4th of July trip across America West’s National Parks! We have been on a whirlwind of National Parks and five states and will be heading back this weekend. I’ll be posting our close pictures of wildlife like bear, bison, mountain goats, moose and more, as well as the natural wonders we’ve seen.

Speaking of the human body, I’ll share a few other resources we’ve used in our little unit study foray.

After a very healthy spring with Mom constantly talking about eating right and exercising, Satori decided she wanted to learn about the human body and become a doctor. So for a month we learned about human anatomy by reading this First Encyclopedia of the Human Body, a very gentle introduction for a young one.

Off Netflix (not Instant) we watched National Geographic’s Inside the Living Body. Satori couldn’t get enough of it, she watched it four times before I sent it back. She said she wanted to watch it  until she had it all memorized. Last time she did this was when we studied prehistory and she watched Walking With Monsters a dozen times.

As a finale, we saw Body Worlds at the Denver Nature & Science Museum. Of course photography wasn’t allowed inside the exhibit so I don’t have photos of this field trip.

This was simply an introduction to the human body, but Satori really was interested and retained so much. She’ll bring up things she’s learned in everyday conversation everyday now. I can’t wait to go into more detail and study anatomy again.

We had the pleasure of my niece Peyton’s company this weekend. Unfortunately, it was cold and rainy, but on our last day, the sun broke long enough for us to head to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. We love this zoo. The first thing you do is get to feed the giraffes, which are eye-level to you.

You’re also able to feed the colorful birds. They will fly right on your head or your feeding stick.

Satori’s favorites were the Grizzlies who wrestled in the water in front of us!

David was most looking forward to the Mountain Lion, and to our joy, just as we walked up to the exhibit, they were feeding her! This picture will always bring a giggle to us, as little Peyton kept asking very loudly “Can I feed the kitty? I want to feed the kitty.” Meanwhile the lion was biting down on the feeder tool and not letting go… The zookeeper had to explain why they had to stay outside the cage as they fed the cat, and that they couldn’t let visitors feed her. 🙂

We lucked out again this spring with another peacock showing off!

We only had two hours to spend at the zoo, and could’ve spent all day there. But we lucked out because as we were leaving the zoo, it did start raining pretty heavily! Our timing couldn’t have been better.

Just wanted to share some pics of our zoo trip last week. As we were approaching the giraffe area, we saw our first peacocks of the day. I mentioned to Satori how cool it would be if they would show their feathers for us. And a second later, we were treated to this display!

Yeah, I took a lot of bird photos, this isn’t even half of it.

The baby giraffe here was just born six days before this photo!

We were quite entertained by the antics of the seals.

Normally I wouldn’t have given this guy a second glance but now that we are learning our birds, it was so fun to watch all the different ducks.

This weekend we were honored to be invited out to Steamboat Springs to hang out with my Aunt Marge/Uncle Dave when they rented a house out here for the week. While just 80 miles away from our home as the crow flies, it does take us three hours to get to this place. But we love to drive, and I don’t think there are many places in the United States that are as beautiful to drive through as Colorado…  Here’s the view of the ski area from the opposite hill, which is where we stayed for the night.

The home they rented was absolutely beautiful, the perfect sanctuary for a vacation.

Here’s Satori with her new kitty – Rebecca – that Aunt Marge got her as a gift. Rebecca has not left Satori’s arms! Thank you Marge!!

The home was so accommodating, very tastefully decorated, and I think I counted about 10 beds total in the house. We had the basement floor to ourselves, Satori had her choice of bunk bed. Down there they had a Ping Pong table, and they also had Foosball and darts. With all the bedroom space, I did not expect a separate business office room, but it was very cool. Surrounded by snow, it was just such a beautiful place. It would also rock for a summer vacation, the deck has a nice swing, and previous guests had seen porcupines, skunk, fox…. The house was filled with books of all kinds, plus some Rocky Mountain field guides that I think I will have to get!

We had a wonderful time with Marge, Dave, and their friend Barb. During the day, Satori, Marge and I strolled the streets of Steamboat and drooled over some of the unique shops. Evening time, David and I then learned the card game Golf, which was super fun.

In the morning I went for a peaceful walk further up the hill and took another picture of the slopes…

While we did not ski this weekend, we did go tubing at Saddleback Ranch. This guy was here to greet us on the way in.

Here we are ready to go up the hill. It was so warm that we totally did not need to wear snow suits/pants, but Satori kept hers on just so she would stay dry. Our gloves and hats were taken off very quickly.

This was our first time tubing at an official hill with a tow rope and everything. This picture makes the place look much smaller than it really was, but there were three different slopes to go down. Slow, Medium, and Bumpy Fast.

Even the slow one was super fast, it was such a thrill to go tubing!!!

Here’s David and Satori going down the Medium speed slope, while Mama took one turn out to be the photographer.

Weeee!!!! We can’t wait to return.

Earlier this week while we were hanging out in St. George, Utah, Satori woke up and wanted to see dinosaur tracks and fossils. We had mentioned in passing that we might see some on our trip, although I had no clue yet where. Luckily, this town had a great site!

Dinosaur Discovery at Johnson Farm

Dinosaur Discovery at Johnson Farm

St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm websites:

Featured in a recent National Geographic, this place allows you to walk along an early Jurassic lake (165-198 million years ago), viewing dinosaur tracks, swim tracks and more that are some of the best preserved in the world.

David examining the large footprint of a possible T-rex

David examining the large footprint of a possible T-rex

Vivid colorful pictures of feathery dinosaurs gave us a different view of what we’re used to seeing dinosaurs look like.

Feathery dinos

Feathery dinos

Checking out a pair of dino eggs.

Dinosaur eggs

Dinosaur eggs

Baby dino replica

Baby dino replica

One of Satori’s favorite activities – a dino dig!

Digging for fossils

Digging for fossils

We will be revisiting dinosaurs in a few of our prehistory lessons.



Family field trip to Lafayette’s WOW! World of Wonder children’s museum today.For just $7 (Satori’s admission), it was an inexpensive way to spend such a wonderful day. 🙂

And here’s Satori in the biggest bubble I’ve seen! Many other kids loved this so much, they had to change their clothes as they got soaked! Luckily, the museum had spare socks on hand if you needed them.


There was so many different rooms – science, art, museum, dramatic play, logic, and air/flying!


Out little actress LOVED pretending to be a bank teller, and a train station ticket master.


Even mama got in on the bubble action (I love bubbles)!