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Category: Toys

A big THANK YOU today to the people that follow this blog and comment! It makes my day to see comments. And I learn so much! Some of you may know that I cannot resist books. A few of you mentioned some interesting books to do with our “Cave Painting” post, and although our studies on that took only a few days, we are extending it by adding in a read-aloud and adding a beautiful picture book to our library.

The Boy of the Painted Cave by Justen Denzel has already hooked Satori. As soon as I read the comment by Amy only yesterday morning, I looked it up on Amazon and discovered it was available in Kindle Edition for $4.79. I ordered it and an hour later we found ourselves waiting in the dentist office. I pulled out my iPhone, used my Kindle for iPhone and started reading it! It even showed a few maps

Satori  couldn’t wait for bedtime for me to continue reading the book, which I did so on my regular Kindle. 🙂

Not everything is for Kindle, especially beautiful picture books! I thought I had thoroughly read up on prehistoric picture books for ages 4-8, but apparently I missed this one! Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura (recommended by Julia) looks awesome and the cover illustration alone has tempted me to purchase it this morning. We’ll have it in our hands on Friday. (And I noticed that The Boy of the Painted Cave is  frequently bought together with Stone Age Boy!) How could I miss these gems!

I can’t forget to thank those of you who commented on my LEGO post! A few people mentioned to head to a LEGO store. We have a huge LEGO store we can peruse when we visit my parents in Wisconsin (Mall of America is just 90 minutes away). LEGO Basic Bricks are arriving today. Lego club, brick separator, and more LEGO fun is in the works in the future…. I already looked at the organizational cabinet at my local home improvemtent store and will be getting that soon… Hama beads look very interesting and perfect for Satori…

Thanks everyone! I hope to have another giveaway in the next few weeks, I have a few things in mind of interest to homeschoolers with young ones (4-8)…

LEGO fun

Jan 15

To balance out the dolls and Barbies, I like to introduce a different toy now and then. I tried a LEGO set a few years back, they were not a hit then. It was a LEGO knock-off and they hurt our hands. We tried it again today with official LEGOs with success! Satori can now follow directions to make the objects.

I thought this bucket of 405 pieces would be plenty, but we’re already wanting more LEGO sets!

What a great toy set to help Satori learn to follow directions on paper and improve her dexterity. She loves them!

We’re new at LEGO sets. Any Lego essentials we should have besides this LEGO Ultimate Building Set?

Daddy went to Mexico City last week and brought this doll back for Satori. I wanted to call her Juanita, but she ended up with the name Dizelle. That’s how Satori spelled it anyway (DIZ).

Mexican doll

Mexican doll

We heard how daddy worked in the tallest building of Latin America, built to withstand earthquakes. I enjoyed hearing about the cultural differences David experienced, seeing how I spent a semester studying in Monterrey, Mexico.

Here’s a few more views of Dizelle. Satori loves her! But she is probably a little more fragile than her American Girl dolls, so we tell her to be careful with Diz.



Mexico is our most likely international trip Satori and I will be taking soon, so we will be doing a unit study on Mexico this month! Mama and Satori should brush up on our Spanish now…