We have been taking it easy the second half of the summer, enjoying the beautiful weather. We do a few lessons a week, but they’re on the bottom of our priority list at the moment. Instead we’ve been taking walks/hikes, learning how to ride a bike, organizing the library/garage, etc…

My parents visited a few weeks back and we all went cabin camping, along with my brother’s family. Here’s some pics. I should’ve taken more, but I only take it out when the lighting is good.

Gramy/Grampy (aka Nana/Papa) with all their grandchildren.

The twins… (Sorry I cannot be 100% sure who is Brady and who is Beckett.)

Satori just loves her cousin Peyton. They are going to be flower girls together in my other brother’s upcoming wedding! This was one of the few times I got Peyton to look directly in the camera. She loves to dance and flail her arms I noticed!

Satori with her two top front teeth yet (which she just lost in the past few days).

Our cabins were just outside Rocky Mountain National Park and moose were a common sight. We had some foraging just outside our cabin and all around the campground.

Paddle-boating on Lake Granby.

The highly anticipated opening of Denver’s IKEA led to the purchase of new bookshelves for our home library. Satori has been enjoying reading in the cozy library.

I am currently obsessed with filling out our library with the best literature for ages 6-14. Satori seems to enjoy reading books most written for late elementary/middle school age. We also got an Audible membership and have been listening to tons of quality literature.

Her flower girl dress has arrived and it fits perfectly! We will be getting a haircut next week, sorry for her long bangs and messy hair in these pictures.

Because Satori is losing all her teeth, she looks like a crazy jack-0-lantern when she smiles overly zealously. We now have 3 types of smiles that she’ll do for wedding pictures, lol!

  1. Controlled: Lips closed, no teeth
  2. Calm: Lips partly open, just top of teeth showing
  3. Crazy: Let it all loose! All teeth and gaps showing!

This flower is detachable, we can take it off it it’s distracting.

Thanks Dad for making our sturdy new deck step! We now feel confident that we won’t break our leg stepping off the deck. 🙂

We are off on another trip tomorrow – to Colorado Springs! I still have to share our photos from our Oregon trip yet.