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Category: A Pair of Red Clogs

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Today was Five in a Row’s Science day for  A Pair of Red Clogs. I asked Satori what “weather” was this morning and she went on to describe how if you threw your clog up in the air, all the different landing positions and their weather predictions. I explained to her that was a fun game people used to play when they didn’t have science to help them out. 🙂

We went over weather, temperature, meteorologists, weather tools used, and climates. We finished up our Red Clogs lapbook and then turned on the Weather Channel so she could see everything we talked about in action. The meteorologist predicted a sunny 64 degree day and she filled out a thermometer drawing to put in her lapbook.


Satori narrated the book to daddy, she’s got a pretty good memory! Then she explained all the parts of her Red Clogs lapbook. She just loved learning about Japan and can’t wait to cover lots of parts of the world now, especially India, Indonesia, and Colorado. (I do not think there are FIAR rowings for these places, we’ll have to find our own.)

Then we headed to Boulder for a family field trip at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, conveniently located just down the mountain from our home. Free admission and many interesting things to see both inside and outside of the building, its unique architecture inspired by Indian cliff dwellings in nearby Mesa Verde.



They had lots of on-hands weather science exhibits. We got to interact with lightning in a tube:


Witness and affect a whirling tornado:


Experiment with a Chaotic Pendulum:


And then we got to stretch our legs for a nature hike on their Walter Orr Roberts Weather Trail and learned about local weather and climate.


The views were spectacular, and we saw all of Boulder, and unlimited views of the Colorado flat lands.


Up close and personal with Boulder’s famous Flatirons.


As you can see the weather today was gorgeous and sunny as usual here, and the prediction of 64 degrees was pretty accurate!

This concludes our rowing of A Pair of Red Clogs, tomorrow I will take a video of our lapbook, and then plan out our next rowing – The Rag Coat. We’ll learn about the Appachalian mountain area, coal/energy, and quilting to name just a few things!

I skipped FIAR’s Language Art day so that David could do the more creative/exciting Art Day for A Pair of Red Clogs with Satori. I gave David the outline to follow up on our whiteboard, as a business manager, he likes it when I plan things out for him. 😉


Satori made mama proud by zeroing right in on Japan. 🙂 Then Satori threw her red clog (see previous post on the clog weather telling game) and we predicted tomorrow will be rainy. The prediction from yesterday was correct – it was a sunny day today!

David and I discussed the predominance of yellow in the book, it was shown in every page. How bright warm colors were used to convey happiness, and dull cool colors for sadness. We examined the sunset and how the illustrator used colored pencils in yellows, oranges, reds, and a bit of blue to showcase the vivid warm sunset. Satori drew Mako and the sunset in our Prismacolor pencils. She then prepared a color wheel for our “Red Clogs” lapbook, these are all the colors of clogs Mako got to choose from when selecting her pair of clogs. Guess what color Mako chose?


Then it was Family Craft time! Since David was the teacher today, he got to choose from a Japanese hanging fish or a Japanese meditation garden (diorama). He chose the fish, so mama drew the fish outlines, David cut them out, and Satori paper punched and glued the fish scales on the fish. (I am not sure David got out of his bathrobe today, but who am I to talk, I had a two hour massage!)


Mama chose lots of colorful and reflective things to punch for the scales, including photography business cards with Satori’s face on them (see above), leftover silver foil envelopes from the baby sling business (also see above), and magazine pages. As we worked, we tested Satori on her warm and cool colors and she proved to us she got the concept immediately.


Que bonita! After we made 2 fish, each one with a side of Satori’s and a side of mama and daddys. 🙂 David hung them up on our balcony.


We started A Pair of Red Clogs today. Mama even got creative and made a pair of red clogs out of foam paper!


In the book, Japanese girls used to play a weather prediction game with their clogs. We tried it with our new red clog and predicted tomorrow to be rainy. It fell upside-down.


Oh no Satori, wait until they dry!!! 🙂


We entered Japan in our passport and placed the Red Clogs story disk on our board:


After reading the story, Satori knew right away that little Mako did a bad thing by dirtying up her shoes and her plans to lie to her mother.