Ohlone university SMTech Program commences 2nd of NSF-ATE funded Student Internship Project as East Bay Innovation Awards Finalist year

Dr. Rose-Margaret Ekeng-Itua Professor of Engineering, Ohlone university Principal Investigator, NSF-ATE give for Smart Advanced production Education when you look at the Silicon Valley

The faculty and staff at Ohlone College – located in the middle of advanced level production territory in Fremont – are continuously searching for ways to assist prepare our pupils for the workforce.When we talk with neighborhood companies, it is apparent there is a need that is real foster a skill base which includes experience with business 4.0 technologies like additive production, robotics, and IoT, along with robust critical reasoning abilities.

That want sparked the Ohlone university Smart Manufacturing tech (SMTech) Program, an effort that launched year that is last had been the culmination of a two-year work centered on manager engagement. We curated an advisory roundtable composed of numerous neighborhood companies, policymakers, company leaders, and government that is local (like the City of Fremont Economic developing group) to advance explore the ability space and exactly how our curriculum could approach it. continue reading…