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Category: *Post By Satori

Satori has discovered the iPad/iPhone game Pocket Frogs that she started playing yesterday. It’s free and I like that it has goals that she has to work to reach. She budgets her money to save for things she really wants without blowing all her coins as soon as she gets them. Satori wanted to share with you her new game and typed it out on her blog. Below is entirely unedited by Mom except for the insertion of a few photos.



Posted by Satori, age 6

I want to talk about Pocket Frogs.

“At the Pond”

You level up, and earn more interesting frog kinds. Sometimes you win awards, new frogs, and prizes! You can earn money, breed, buy stuff, and unlock frogs as you level! Potions are very good.

Frogs must be in nursury or other habitats.

I’m almost at level 4!

You can also do puzzles and races!

I  have a new math!I don’t know what it’s called but I do know we use counters. We use a colorful math book. I think you should try it out.

I promiss it’s fun.I love maltipaclation.

I know I have two words wrong  but I don’t know how to spell them.

I hope you like it.

From Satori.

Hi it’s me Satori,

I don’t like my daddys job I won’t get that job!  He havto travle all the time on air planes, Mexico is so hot!

When he leaves infront of me i’m hart broken. I just want to tell you don’t get that job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi it’s me Satori and I finished Dance Mat typing! I  am also learning my states. I also got a certifiget.

Hi my name is Satori I am six. I’m learning   how to type! I am really interested in things made out of  leafs in stuff  like that I really like drawing them.

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