Lesson 2 – Precambrian/Cambrian, Early Life, Arthropods. Evolution, Darwin

Examine the earth’s most early forms of life in the Precambrian and Cambrian periods. Spend some time on the Cambrian explosion and the Burgess Shale creatures. Introduce evolution. We may take a few weeks to cover this, as evolution is so important and the basis of modern biology. Our first scientist, Charles Darwin will be covered, his story as well as the Galapagos Islands.
Main Readings

Book Go-alongs

Early Life (some also cover evolution)



  • Galapagos: The Islands That Changed the World (2007)
  • Galapagos: IMAX (1999) (if you only get one Galapagos DVD, I suggest the first one)
  • Magic School Bus “Goes Cellular” (Cells)
  • Magic School Bus “All Dried Up” (Adaptations, how animals evolve to survive)
  • Walking With Monsters and the rest of the Walking With series – shows how life evolved. This DVD is an absolute favorite in our household, my daughter still watches it a few times a year (edited March 2011)

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