Here’s the Family Room, where we all can hang out together and relax. We don’t watch TV too much (at least not Satori and Mom), so I made it a priority to turn part of this room into a cozy reading corner.

We love to read in this big comfy chair.

Right next to it is a bookshelf full of large, educational picture books and children story books.

The non-carpeted area allows as to do some family craft activities in this room for a change of scenery. We also use this table to play with Legos. You can see a colorful Lego sorter in the background.

Our game closet full of fun, creative, and educational games. The middle two shelves are family games. We’ve really gotten into logic games like Rush Hour. The top shelf (not shown) is games for David and I, such as Scrabble, Ticket to Ride, and other fun games.

The bottom shelf is puzzles and single player logic games so Satori can grab them easily. And underneath this, in bins, we store a few toys – mostly Satori’s dinosaurs.