You can’t say I don’t prepare for the future! I think History Hangout is more for Mom this year, as I’m also studying history at the same time. Next year these timelines will become more relevant for Satori.

History Hangout is just an open wall in our basement where I hang our timelines. The 8 put up on our wall below are all laminated timelines purchased from Learning Through History. They all measure 44×9 inches each and come with double sided mounting tape.

We think timelines are such a cool way to visualize history. We have timelines of all kinds. Preprinted, laminated ones are hung up in our History Hangout wall. The rest of our timeline-related stuff we have in our Learning Loft which we are in every day. There we have blank wall timelines that we’ll fill in ourselves as we go. We have the Add-A-Century Timeline that we keep in a big binder, and will use if we are on the road. This also can be taken out and spread out fully.  Since we’re just starting out, I might be using the Add-A-Century timeline for myself, and gift Satori with her own when she can maintain it independently.

Here’s a listing of our current timelines:

Not shown, but I’ll get pictures up soon:

Here is a closeup of Ancients, you can click the image to see the large size.

I’d also love to be able to add this someday… a huge wall map mural. This measures over 9 feet by 6 feet!