Where do we do most of our official “schoolwork”? The Learning Loft! It’s the perfect place for learning, it has very few distractions yet is still a very central room in the house. It floats above our Family Room, directly below is the tv and couches. So we can peer over the railings on either side and be close to anyone on the couch watching TV.

Here’s the view when you first come up the stairs. As you can see, it’s a cozy, carpeted space, and we often sprawl out on our tummies to do subjects like reading, spelling, and math. Satori (below) is at her little table, where we do our spelling, handwriting, and drawing.

Note: I took this photo with a wide-angle lens, so it looks bigger than it actually is!

We had promised to get Satori her own computer once she started reading. Here she is playing on ReadingEggs.com, which she really enjoys when we’re too busy to get actual lessons in. 🙂 Her chair is the Stokke High Chair she’s used since 6 months, that she can use through adulthood (it goes up to 300 pounds).


We call this little area “Satori’s Office”.


View of the main floor looking down from the loft.


Below is the view of the Loft if you’re coming from the Reading Room. You’ll see our All-About-Spelling 2×3′ whiteboard tucked under Satori’s desk. We love that it stands on its own on the floor or table.


I forgot to get photos of the closet where we store most of our Math Manipulatives. I’ll get that up soon.

Below is my “teacher” desk area, with a laptop and printer setup here for the homeschool-specific stuff. Stored up top is a laminator that comes in very handy.


The Desk Apprentice Rotating Desk Organizer comes in handy, I store all our lesson books in here.


Another view of the little table Satori sits on, she loves to do spelling quizzes and practice her handwriting. UPDATE: We’ve since moved to a drawing table that has a whiteboard surface, and a paper roll underneath.


Another view in color. And my cat Pepper. 🙂 Taken at night, as it just seems so much more cozier at that time.