Updating this list as of November 2013

Discovery Education Streaming (formerly called “United Streaming”) is an unbelievable resource for homeschoolers with thousands of videos, images, guides, games, and more to cover almost any educational subject. You can get it at 47% off at Homeschool Buyers Co-op. There are a few states that offer this free, such as South Carolina and Georgia. This page and corresponding section is to help me organize for myself (and others) all the wonderful Discovery Education Streaming resources. This is a wonderful tool, but it can be overwhelming! Once people subscribe to DE Streaming, it’s almost inevitable that they will ask the question, what are the best programs available? Hopefully this list will help those of us wanting to make the most of DE Streaming.

This list links to pages I’ve created that lists all the episodes in order (alphabetical or by episode sequence), linking to the exact video pages on Discovery Streaming. I’ve done this because so many people have such a hard time using the Discovery Education Streaming search engine. If I find other cool guides and activities, I link to them as well on each program page. Of course, DE Streaming is GREAT also for just the random searches! Enter a subject, the grade range you’re looking for, and you’re sure to find some great resources.

NOTE: In order for the links to go to actual pages, you must have a subscription and be signed in! Otherwise, you’ll be redirected to the login page.

List of Favorite Programs

Single Videos

I’d be happy to add your favorite resource from DE Streaming to this list! Just add a comment or shoot me an email. I will update this list every few years.