The Cartoon Encyclopedia of Mathematics

  1. The Magic Square: Using Addition and Subtraction
  2. Addition with Mixed Numerals
  3. Array Back When: Understanding Multiplication
  4. Double Trouble: Exponential Growth Using Multiplication
  5. Exploitation of Errors
  6. Decimal Equivalents for Fractions
  7. Decimal Names for the Rational Numbers
  8. Dividing with Decimals
  9. Dividing with Fractions: Missing Factor Method
  10. Games
  11. Graphing Inequalities
  12. Hidden Treasure
  13. It’s a Small World: The Concept of Similarity in Geometry
  14. Mac’s Factory, or Shortcuts in Multiplying with Fractions
  15. Adding With Fractions
  16. Using Equivalent Fractions to Compute Sums
  17. The Vocabulary of Relationship: The Big Story
  18. More
  19. Muchmore’s Marvelous Machine: The Importance of Place Value
  20. Multiplication and Division of Fractions: Multiplying with Fractions
  21. Multiplying with Decimals
  22. Multiplying with Fractions: Distributivity
  23. Nuts to You: Properties of Odd and Even Numbers
  24. Probability
  25. Product of Two Negative Numbers
  26. Ratio
  27. Reciprocals: Multiplicative Inverses
  28. Rounding
  29. Shape Up: An Introduction to Geometry
  30. Solving Pairs of Equations
  31. Something’s Missing: Adding and Subtracting
  32. Subtracting with Fractions
  33. Subtraction with Mixed Numerals
  34. The Biggest Rectangle
  35. The Remainder in Division


Teacher’s Guide

  1. Between the Whole Numbers
  2. Equivalent Fractions
  3. Comparing Rational Numbers
  4. Between Rational Numbers
  5. Adding Fractions
  6. Subtracting Fractions