Grossology – for Grades 3-5, 6-8

Ty and Abby are a brother and sister crime-fighting team who report to the secret government facility named Bureau of Grossology. Each episode of the series follows the pair on adventures based on real scientific facts. Aided by their friend Lab Rat (a human), Ty and Abby face many disgusting criminals.


Discovery Education Streaming has all of Grossology Season 1 episodes (26).

  1. Queen for a Day – The evil Insectiva tries to employ giant, mutated termites to destroy the city. Can Abby and Ty use termite-controlling pheromones to beat her at her own game?
  2. Slim Slime Man – When bitter sewer worker Slim merges with a slim mold, he becomes an evil monster determined to smother the entire city in goo. Abby and Ty search for a natural remedy to destroy the sticky mess.
  3. Fartzilla – Supervillian Fartor has replaced regular ketchup with a substance that makes every gassy and is collecting the resulting epidemic of methane to power his giant robot, Fartzilla. Can Ty and Abby stop Fartor before his robot cuts the cheese?
  4. The Perfect Stink – Sloppy Joe has been collecting the town’s worst smells to create a giant stink bomb. But when Joe douses Ty with a stinky substance, can he get rid of the stench before his date with Naomi?
  5. The Scab Fairy (a.k.a.: This Scab’s For You) – A former beauty queen invents a scab gun that makes victims break out in scabs. Can Abby and Ty stop her before the whole town crusts over?
  6. When Ya Gotta Go – Lance Boil builds an infrasound ray gun that causes fluctuations in people’s bowels. Includes a discussion of digestion and excretion, as well as radio frequencies.
  7. Club Parasites – Abby is excited for the big baseball game after school, but she’s stuck under quarantine with a nasty case of head lice. But these aren’t just any old head lice–they’re Insectiva’s super lice! Can the Grossologists save the school before the students become part of Insectiva’s drone army?
  8. Go Fish – Fishy garbage is being stolen from all over the city, and the culprits are giant mutant hagfish. But what do fish fear more than hungry cats looking for a meal…
  9. It’s Gotta Be the Shoes – Follows Ty and Abby as they battle a crazed basketball star and his spreading athlete’s foot epidemic.
  10. Owl Most Foul – When a giant owl attacks the city’s pigeon population, Ty and Abby learn that birds of a feather don’t always flock together.
  11. Yack Attack – When Sloppy Joe decides to vacation in the city’s water purification plant, his germs make the entire town lose their lunches. Abby and Ty use their knowledge of the digestive system to stop the slimy criminal.
  12. The Greatest Race Ever Crawled – When the GRS-1 comes up short, Ty and Lab Rat design and build the Tymobile–a kicking set of wheels that can crawl, leap, or otherwise get around just like your favorite insect. But when Ty’s goaded into a race by Insectiva and her cadre of giant bugs, it’s all part of her evil plan to plant ultrasonic generators in the country, allowing her to control a cloud of locusts and cover the city with the hungry insects!
  13. Kid Rot – When Abby and Ty befriend new student Chester, they discover his secret–everything organic he touches rots immediately! Can Abby convince Chester to use his power for good, or is “Kid Rot” truly rotten to the core?
  14. The Insider – When Ty personally stops the latest of Lance Boil’s evil plans, the ex-grossologist villain decides to deal with Ty once and for all. After miniaturizing himself and tricking Ty into drinking him, Lance races through Ty’s veins headed for his cerebral cortex. His plan–turn Ty into a drooling vegetable! Luckily, Abby’s not afraid to dive in after Lance–too bad Ty refuses to sit still and let her work, he’s got a school battlebot competition to win!
  15. All Together Now – Three is a dangerous crowd when Lance Boil, Insectiva, and Sloppy Joe join forces to destroy the Bureau of Grossology. Ty and Abby uncover why horseflies bite and the stink behind halitosis.
  16. Oldie But a Goodie – Abby learns the pains and pitfalls of aging when Lance Boil zaps her with a mysterious pus that ages its victims at 6,000 times the normal rate. Can the Grossologists stop Lance before he turns everyone into octogenarians?
  17. Survival of the Grossest
    It’s science competition time at Ringworm Jr. High, only this time there’s a new challenger for Ty’s crown–Patrick, a kid with as much science knowledge as Ty himself. But when Ty decides to up his fruit-fly evolution project with a little mutagenic kick start, things go wrong almost immediately. Now, he and Abby are up against terrorizing fruit flies that can breed and evolve so quickly that it seems like nothing can stop them. Unless Ty’s willing to ask Patrick for a little help…
  18. School’s Grossed Out For Summer – Ty and Abby learn how to care for a healthy digestive system to stop the evil Dr. Colon from turning the entire town into one big large intestine!
  19. Vein Drain – When people start showing up with bite marks on their necks, Ty and Abby can’t help but wonder if maybe vampires aren’t a myth after all. But when they dig a little deeper, they discover that it’s another kind of blood sucker that’s causing trouble–leeches!
  20. Silent But Deadly, Part 1 – Gassy super-villain Fartor returns with a scheme to fart-up the entire planet! But with a plan this big he needs help–and he’s got his sights set on Ty. What will happen to our team of Grossologists when one of them turns to the fart side?
  21. Silent But Deadly, Part 2 – Fartor and his new apprentice, Far-Ty, join forces to drill into the planet core and turn the Earth into one big gas planet. Will everyone on Earth be forced to breathe noxious gas and join Fartor’s army of the fart-breathers, or will Abby be able to save her brother and the planet from a lifetime of stink?
  22. The King of Rottingham Forest – Kid Rot returns and his powers are out of control. The forest is rotting and Kid Rot is behind the destruction! Will Abby and Ty stop his rotting tide of evil before he destroys the planet?
  23. Lights Out – A new nocturnal villain, Darko Crevasse, plunges the city into darkness with the help of his army of creatures of the night. Ty and Lab Rat scramble to shed some light on the problem before it’s lights out for everyone.
  24. Boogerman (AKA: FrankenBooger) – Sloppy Joe, the world’s filthiest villain, returns and this time he’s not alone. He’s created a buddy made of snot and it’s up to Ty and Abby to stop the booger monster before he sucks up all the mucus in town! The production and uses of mucus are discussed.
  25. A New Leaf – Abby learns what teamwork is all about when she’s kidnapped and imprisoned in a hothouse full of giant, man-eating plants–and her only hope for survival is Insectiva!
  26. Heave It or Leave It (AKA: You Heave, You Leave) – Abby and Ty are jazzed to be contestants on the hottest game show on the planet where their gross skills and iron stomachs could make them stars. Only trouble is, the show is an elaborate trap and Lance Boil is behind it all! With Abby and Ty out of the way, who will stop Lance’s pus plan?