Horrible Histories is a series of cartoons in which the characters Stich and Mo travel back in time.  DE Streaming says they are geared to Grades 3-12, although we’ve been watching a few episodes in our first grade studies. Videos are approximately 24 minutes long.

Episodes with DE Streaming Links

Stitch and Mo read between the lines in history textbooks, traveling back in time to reveal the dirty facts about…

  1. Terrible Tudors – Elizabethan England
  2. Vicious Vikings – the Viking Age of Conquest
  3. Rotten Romans – Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire
  4. The Wild West – Manifest Destiny
  5. Angry Aztecs – Tenochtiltlan, center of the Aztec Empire, during Spanish exploration
  6. Revolting Revolution – the American Revolution
  7. Measly Middle Ages – medieval society
  8. Ingenious Industrialist – Great Britain’s industrial revolution
  9. Amazing Aussies – penal colony of Australia
  10. Challenging China – China during the epic building of the Great Wall
  11. Awesome Egyptians – Egypt during King Tut’s age
  12. Battlin’ Bolivar – Simon Bolivar’s rebel victories in South America
  13. Trading Timbuktu – life under King Mansa Musa in Mali, West Africa
  14. Surprising Samurai – samurai life in seventeenth-century Japan
  15. Rocking Renaissance – Michelangelo and Renaissance Italy
  16. Gnarly North Pole – Robert Peary’s expedition to the North Pole
  17. Royal Pain – Louis XIV, Peter the Great, and Shah Jahan
  18. Magnificent Mounties – the Royal Canadian Mounties
  19. Perilous Plague – medieval Italy and the Black Death
  20. Savage Stone Age – the Paleolithic Era
  21. Groovy Greeks – the ancient rivalry between Athens and Sparta
  22. Marvelous Marco Polo – Marco Polo’s influence in Mongolia
  23. Extraordinary Explorers – Lewis and Clark’s exploration of the American West
  24. Stormin’ Scots – Robert the Bruce and Scotland’s war of independence from England
  25. Highly Hawaiian – ancient Hawaii’s system of government
  26. Captivating Columbus – Columbus’  famous explorations

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