The animated tv series Liberty’s Kids teaches children ages 7-14 about the origins of the United States of America. Links to DE Streaming videos provided in the titles.


  1. The Boston Tea Party [28:08] – Relive the revolt against “taxation without representation,” in which colonists, dressed as Mohawk Indians, threw a fortune in tea into Boston’s Harbor.
  2. Intolerable Acts – Join Liberty’s kids in this animated series as they participate in events surrounding the Intolerable Acts. In response to the events of the Boston Tea Party, the British Parliament moved quickly. Parliament passed the Quartering Act that allowed British soldiers to occupy colonists’ homes without permission.
  3. United We Stand – In this animated story, stand with Samuel and John Adams at the First Continental Congress as they protest Britain’s “Intolerable Acts” law and see the British close Boston Harbor.
  4. Liberty or Death – See Patrick Henry’s famous “Give me Liberty or give me death!” speech stir the South to the cause of freedom. A fictional narrative supports this PBS historical cartoon.
  5. Midnight Ride – Ride with Paul Revere and William Dawes as they spread the word that “the British are coming!” A fictional narrative supports this PBS historical cartoon.
  6. The Shot Heard Round the World – Move onto the battlefields at Lexington and Concord as the Minutemen —citizens taking up arms—embark on the Revolutionary War and fire “the Shot Heard Round the World.” A fictional narrative supports this PBS historical cartoon.
  7. Green Mountain Boys [28:26] – See Ethan Allen, Benedict Arnold, and the “Green Mountain Boys” capture Fort Ticonderoga in New York, spreading the cause of war beyond New England.
  8. Second Continental Congress – Follow the formation of our first national army and George Washington’s appointment to lead the new force. A fictional narrative supports this PBS historical cartoon.
  9. Bunker Hill [28:11] – The precious gains and overwhelming losses of the first major battle at Bunker Hill, which brought the American cause much-needed momentum.
  10. Postmaster General Franklin – See how communications in the colonies were substantially improved through the creation of a national postal service under the leadership of Benjamin Franklin. A fictional narrative supports this PBS historical cartoon.
  11. Washington Takes Command – In this animated series, several young people travel to Boston with the formidable General George Washington as he takes command of the colonies’ army.
  12. Common Sense [28:26] – Witness the power of the written word in Thomas Paine’s pamphlet “Common Sense,” which put the colonies on a path to freedom.
  13. The First Fourth of July – Experience the growing unity of the American colonies as their leaders sign the Declaration of Independence, calling for a separate nation.
  14. New York, New York – Follow Washington’s early losses in Long Island and Kip’s Bay, which nearly broke the spirit of America’s troops.
  15. The Turtle – Encounter the rise of Yankee ingenuity against the British fleet in New York. A fictional narrative supports this PBS historical cartoon.
  16. One Life to Lose – Chronicle the efforts to end the war through the failed peace conference between British Admiral Howe and Americans John Adams and Benjamin Franklin and view the capture of American spy Nathan Hale. A fictional narrative supports this PBS historical cartoon.
  17. Captain Molly [28:29] – Meet the courageous “Captain Molly” [Corbin] and learn how she fearlessly assisted in America’s fight for freedom in this animated video.
  18. American Crisis [27:18] – Sail for France with Benjamin Franklin to negotiate a treaty with the French while General Washington continues his losses with the catastrophic surrender at Fort Washington in “American Crisis.”
  19. Across the Delaware [28:32] – Accompany Washington on his famous re-crossing in “Across the Delaware.” Take part in the surprise attack and victories in Trenton and Princeton.
  20. American in Paris [27:18] -  With troop morale restored and the colonies celebrating, Benjamin Franklin arrives in France to find he is a celebrity and the American cause is appealing to the French.
  21. Sybil Lundington – Follow courageous 16-year-old Sybil Ludington as she defiantly travels across Westchester County to help the rebels’ cause during the Revolutionary War.
  22. Lafayette Arrives – Witness the courage and skill in battle of 19-year-old Marquis de Lafayette, who is virtually adopted by General Washington and distinguishes himself at the Battle of Brandywine Creek. A fictional narrative supports this PBS historical cartoon.
  23. The Hessians are Coming – Join Liberty’s kids in this animated series as they observe events during the Revolutionary War. When American General Horatio Gates defeats Burgoyne at the Battle of Saratoga, Benedict Arnold does not receive the recognition he feels he deserves as the true battle hero.
  24. Valley Forge – Here they encounter the hardships of war as General Washington and the Continental Army endure a horrible winter in “Valley Forge.”
  25. Allies at Last [28:28] – France signs a treaty to help America fight the Revolutionary War.
  26. Honor and Compromise [27:18] – Franklin returns home for the ordeal of the states’ struggle to unite politically. General Washington secures victory at the Battle of Monmouth.
  27. The New Frontier – The cruelties of war are exposed in this look at the tragedy of the Shawnee Indians, caught between the forces at war and senselessly decimated. A fictional narration supports this PBS historical cartoon.
  28. Not Yet Begun to Fight – Across the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of England, witness the valor and bravery of John Paul Jones, who defeats the British ship Serapis even though he is wildly outgunned. A fictional narrative supports this PBS historical cartoon.
  29. The Great Galvez – Join Liberty’s Kids in this animated series during the Revolutionary War. Reflect on the individual contribution of Spanish Governor Galvez, who captured Baton Rouge, Natchez, and Mobile from the British during the American Revolution.
  30. In Praise of Ben – Reflect on the individual contributions of Benjamin Franklin, whose life, genius, and accomplishments were dedicated to improving the good of humankind. A fictional narrative supports this PBS historical cartoon.
  31. Bostonians [28:29] – Learn about the inspiring Adams family—”Bostonians” John, Abigail, and John Quincy—and their seminal contributions to the fledgling nation of America.
  32. Benedict Arnold [27:18] – Contrast the glory of the Adams family with Benedict Arnold’s actions to pursue personal gain, which led to the greatest act of treason in America’s history.
  33. Conflict in the South [28:29] – Follow the trials of General Nathaniel Greene as he leads British General Cornwallis on a six-month chase through the South.
  34. Deborah Samson: Soldier of the Revolution [27:18] – Meet the courageous schoolteacher Deborah Samson, who masqueraded as a man and enlisted in the Continental Army. Learn, also, about the personal sacrifices of women in the American Revolution.
  35. James Armistead – See how this Virginia slave overcame tremendous obstacles to play a pivotal role as both spy (on Benedict Arnold) and double agent for America, giving false information to Cornwallis. A fictional narrative supports this PBS historical cartoon.
  36. Yorktown – In this animated series join Liberty’s kids as they watch the climactic siege and decisive American victory at Yorktown, virtually assuring victory for America.
  37. Born Free and Equal [28:28] – As the war ends, the struggle for justice continues with slaves suing for their freedom. Massachusetts leads the way by abolishing slavery.
  38. The Man Who Wouldn’t Be King – As the American Revolution ends, George Washington turns down the opportunity to be king of the United States. He also intercedes in the dispute between soldiers and Congress over soldiers’ compensation payments. A fictional narrative supports this PBS historical cartoon.
  39. Going Home [28:29] – Experience the exile of loyalists to the English King, who are forced to leave their homes in America and follow the slave escape to Canada.
  40. “We the People” [27:21] – How our nation’s Constitution and first government were forged during these trying times and laid the foundations for an innovative compromise on legislative representation.

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