The Discovery Education Streaming LIFE Series page displays all episodes and allows you to Add to My Content. There are three versions listed: French, Narrated by David Attenborough, and Narrated by Oprah Winfrey. I’ve linked to the Attenborough narration below except for the last episode. Each episode features Related Materials such as Teacher’s Guides, Up Close Guide, and Writing Prompts.

Our world is home to more than 30 million different animal and , exceplant species, each locked in a unique fight for survival. LIFE is the definitive exploration of the adaptability and diversity of life on earth, revealing the most spectacular, bizarre, and fascinating behaviors that living things have devised in order to thrive. From strange creatures, such as the star-nosed mole that hunts underwater using bubbles to smell its prey, to epic spectacles, including millions of fruit bats darkening the Zambian sky, each episode tells mind-blowing stories of survival with drama, humor, and suspense.


  1. Challenges of Life [47:55] – Observe the extraordinary strategies and adaptations plants and animals have evolved to stay alive as individuals and as species.
  2. Reptiles and Amphibians [47:57] – Amphibians and reptiles are masters of survival because they’ve devised extraordinary tricks and strategies.
  3. Mammals [48:25] – Mammals are found in every habitat except the deep ocean. Besides their signature physical traits of fat, fur and warm blood, they are unique among animals in the care they lavish on their young.
  4. Fish [47:29] – Fish are the most varied and diverse backboned creatures on the planet. They range from pregnant males to fish that fly, to those that have a top speed faster than a cheetah — sailfish.
  5. Birds [43:34] – Birds have one feature that no other animal possesses: feathers. This allows them to solve life’s challenges in radically different ways.
  6. Creatures of the Deep [47:54] – Deep-sea marine invertebrates are extraordinarily diverse. From carnivorous squids to giant spider crabs, sea stars to monster worms, these animals are tough survivors despite the lack of a backbone.
  7. Hunters and Hunted [48:28] – The ability to learn from past experiences and develop novel solutions to problems has allowed mammals to find prey — and avoid being preyed upon — in every environment on Earth.
  8. Insects [48:23] – Masters of adaptation, the vast variety of insects outnumber all other animal species put together. In this episode meet deadly warriors, nurturing moms, chemical experts and more.
  9. Plants [43:42] – Plants are dependent on three main elements for survival: sunlight, water and nutrients. From carnivorous plants to creeping plants to plants that survive harsh environments, they’re fiercely competitive and cunningly opportunistic.
  10. Primates [1:21:29] – Intelligence, adaptability and resourcefulness have enabled primates to thrive in an incredible diversity of habitats. Primates have found extraordinary ways to improvise, especially when faced with challenges beyond their physical means
  11. Making of Life [43:53] – The filmmaker’s went to extraordinary lengths to bring Life to the screen. Find out how they survived extreme cold, dangerous animals and other risks to life and limb in order to capture some of the most amazing wildlife footage ever filmed.

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