Magic School Bus Episodes on DE Streaming

These episodes are listed in their order they were originally aired. The Title links to the DE Streaming video, followed by the Topic, and a Summary. All 52 MSB episodes are available! You can also use Scholastic Thematic Index to search for Magic School Bus topics.

  1. The Magic School Bus Gets Lost In Space – Solar System – Arnold’s know-it-all cousin Janet drives the kids crazy when she joins Ms. Frizzle’s class on a field trip and gets them lost in outer space!
  2. The Magic School Bus for Lunch – Digestive System – Arnold’s so excited he doesn’t have to go on a field trip! But when he accidentally swallows his miniaturized class, he becomes the field trip!
  3. The Magic School Bus Inside Ralphie – Germs/Immune System – Ralphie is crushed when a fever keeps him home from school the day he’s scheduled to host a FNN (Frizzle News Network) television broadcast on health.
  4. The Magic School Bus Gets Eaten – Food Chain – Dives into the deep watery seas to explain the mechanisms of the ocean food chain. The memorable Ms. Frizzle maps the relationships between plankton, fish, and plants in this unique ecosystem while also describing the rich habitat of the underwater world.
  5. The Magic School Bus Hops Home – Habitat – When Wanda’s pet frog, Bella, jumps out an open window, Ms. Frizzle shrinks the bus into a mechanical frog and takes her now-tiny class on a hop-along adventure.
  6. The Magic School Bus Meets the Rot Squad – Decomposition – It’s “Accidental Science Project” day and the class has brought in marvelously rotten entries from the backs of their refrigerators. With Ed Begley, Jr., as Larry Log-Away.
  7. The Magic School Bus All Dried Up – Desert Adaptation – Always the caring soul, Phoebe goes on a crusade to save the animals and plants of the desert — and discovers how well they take care of themselves.
  8. The Magic School Bus in the Haunted House – Sound – The class is thrilled about its upcoming concert at the Sound Museum — until they discover the spooky mansion is more of a thrill than they bargained for.
  9. The Magic School Bus Gets Ready, Set, Dough – Kitchen Chemistry – It’s Ms. Frizzle’s birthday, and a field trip to the bakery seems perfect — until the Bus’s shrinker-scope goes on the fritz and the class gets baked in a cake!
  10. The Magic School Bus Plays Ball – Forces – Ms. Frizzle combines Dorothy Ann’s physics and Ralphie’s baseball into a “Frictionless Baseball Game.”
  11. The Magic School Bus Goes to Seed – Seeds – The class’s garden is going to be featured on the cover of PLANT IT! magazine. But Phoebe’s garden plot is glaringly empty.
  12. The Magic School Bus Gets Ants in it’s Pants – Ants – he Magic School Bus goes into show business when Keesha directs a movie about social animals for the school science fair.
  13. The Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm – Weather – The Friz transforms the Bus into a Weathermobile and — in a wild ride through the skies — Ralphie becomes the meteorological superhero of his dreams.
  14. The Magic School Bus Blows Its Top – Volcanoes – Ms. Frizzle presents the kids with the missing piece to their gigantic Earth puzzle–an island that hasn’t been discovered yet. Both Dorothy Ann and Carlos want to be first to discover the island so they can name it, but when they reach the spot where it’s supposed to be, all they see is the sea. It takes a run-in with an explosive underwater volcano to help them understand how the earth makes new landforms.
  15. The Magic School Bus Flexes Its Muscles – Body Mechanics – Ms. Frizzle takes the class on a field trip to R.U. Humeruss’ Body Shop.
  16. The Busasaurus – Dinosaurs – Ms. Frizzle takes the class on a dinosaur dig, courtesy of her old school chum, paleontologist Dr. Carmina Skeledon (Rita Moreno), and travels 67 million years back in time!
  17. The Magic School Bus Going Batty – Bats – When Ms. Frizzle invites the class’s parents in to see what their kids are learning about bats, Ralphie and the gang are convinced The Friz is a vampire!
  18. Butterfly and the Bog Beast – Butterflies – The class needs a new mascot for its soccer team. Phoebe suggests butterflies, but everyone thinks they’re wimpy — until The Friz flutters in!
  19. The Magic School Bus Wet All Over – Water – The class takes a wild ride with The Friz through the water cycle.
  20. The Magic School Bus in a Pickle – Microbes – Keesha and the class return from vacation to find her prize cucumber has turned into a pickle! Could the Mike Robe gang be to blame?
  21. The Magic School Bus Revving Up – Engines – The school district’s Vehicle Maintenance Inspector, Junkett (Sherman Hemsley), is about to condemn the Magic School Bus!
  22. The Magic School Bus Taking Flight – Flight – Shrunk inside Tim’s model airplane, the class goes on a high-flying field trip to find out how things fly.
  23. The Magic School Bus Getting Energized – Energy – The class is ready to plug in their “Double-Trouble Wheel of Wonder” at the town carnival, when they discover all the electrical outlets are taken.
  24. The Magic School Bus Out of This World – Space Rocks – When Dorothy Ann warns the kids there’s an asteroid headed straight for their school, Ms. Frizzle arranges a field trip into space.
  25. Cold Feet – Warm-blooded/Cold-blooded – Liz has gone off to a mysterious place called “Herp Haven.” Thinking she’s in trouble, the class rushes to Herp Haven, where they turn into reptiles.
  26. The Magic School Bus Ups and Downs – Floating/Sinking – Is there a monster living in Walkerville Lake? That’s what Ms. Frizzle’s class is trying to find out. The kids try to dive down under the water, but the bus won’t go. The class has to figure out how to turn their floater into a sinker so they can solve the mystery of the underwater monster. Take a dive with the Magic School Bus, and learn why things float and sink.
  27. The Magic School Bus in a Beehive – Honeybees – Tim’s beekeeper grandfather has the sweetest honey in town. Ms. Frizzle turns her class into bees so they can visit a hive and learn firsthand how raw honey is processed.
  28. The Magic School Bus in the Arctic – Heat – “Where did the hot go?” wonders Arnold when his hot cocoa cools off. So, Ms. Frizzle whisks the class to the Arctic!
  29. The Magic School Bus Spins a Web – Spiders – Ms. Frizzle transports the class into a 1950s horror movie, where a 50-foot praying mantis is wreaking havoc on the town. Ed Asner stars as the film’s power-mad protagonist, General Araneus.
  30. The Magic School Bus Under Construction – Structures – Two inches tall and trapped in a bathroom at Wanda’s house, the kids must use what they’ve learned about structures to escape before Wanda’s mother discovers them.
  31. The Magic School Bus Gets a Bright Idea – Light – The light show at Walkerville’s old theater is illuminating, but Arnold’s bossy cousin Janet claims she could put on a much better show — if there wasn’t a ghost living in the theater!
  32. The Magic School Bus Shows and Tells – Archaeology – It’s the International Show-and-Tell Competition and Arnold and Dorothy Ann are representing Ms. Frizzle’s class. Arnold brings in a webbed hoop, left behind by his great-aunt, a famous archaeologist, but he has no idea what it is! Can the kids find out before Arnold and DA take the stage?
  33. The Magic School Bus Makes a Rainbow – Color – The class finds Ms. Frizzle inside her closet — playing a pinball machine she created with light pulses instead of steel balls. With time and the light pulses running out, the kids must discover the secrets of color — before the principal, Mr. Ruhle (Paul Winfield), discovers them!
  34. The Magic School Bus Goes Upstream – Migration – Ralphie wants to serve salmon at the annual school picnic, but he can’t find any at his favorite fishing spot. But, when the kids are “Frizzled” inside a salmon-bus, they have an uncontrollable urge to head upriver.
  35. The Magic School Bus Works Out – Circulation – Is Mr. Sinew (Dan Marino) any match for The Friz? At this year’s “Teacher-athalon,” the kids fear Ms. Frizzle doesn’t stand a chance against the muscle-bound gym teacher from another school — so the class travels inside her body for a closer look.
  36. The Magic School Bus Gets Planted – Photosynthesis – Phoebe tries to grow a vine for the school play, “Jack and the Beanstalk.” But her plant is more like a bean sprout than a beanstalk! With the opening curtain only moments away, Ms. Frizzle turns Phoebe into a bean plant so she’ll grow into the star of the show!
  37. The Magic School Bus in the Rainforest – Rain forest ecology – The kids rent a rain forest cocoa tree as an Earth Day present for Ms. Frizzle. But when the harvest arrives, there’s only one shriveled cocoa bean! Ms. Frizzle takes the class to the rain forest to meet the impeccable Inspector 47 (Matt Frewer), who keeps a tidy, mud-free cocoa grove. What has Inspector 47 done to the rain forest’s intricate ecology web?
  38. The Magic School Bus Rocks and Rolls – Erosion – To celebrate the founding of Walkerville, Ms. Frizzle’s class sculpts a stone likeness of its founding father, Captain Walker. As they add the finishing touches, the statue tumbles down the mountain. Ms. Frizzle turns the Bus into a huge boulder and the kids into rocks while bumping down the mountain in a desperate attempt to save the statue.
  39. The Magic School Bus Holiday Special – Recycling – It’s the last day of school before the winter holidays and Wanda plans to see The Nutcracker ballet. But during a trip to Murph’s (Dolly Parton) recycling plant, the toy soldier she needs to get into the theater accidentally becomes a plastic pellet! Ms. Frizzle activates the Bus’s Un-Recycler, taking the class and Murph on a song-filled field trip, where they learn how everyday items are made from recycled trash.
  40. The Magic School Bus Meets Molly Cule – Molecules – When Wanda’s favorite singer Molly Cule (Wynonna Judd) comes to town and chooses Ms. Frizzle’s class to wash her famous car, the kids discover how to clean the car down to the very last bit.
  41. The Magic School Bus Cracks a Yolk – Eggs – The principal, Mr. Ruhle (Paul Winfield), has to go away for a few days and leaves his beloved chicken, Giblets, in Dorothy Ann’s care. The Friz takes the class on a field trip to see how eggs are made — from the inside out!
  42. The Magic School Bus Goes to Mussel Beach – Tidal zones and Mussels – Ms. Frizzle’s Uncle Shelby wants the class to look after his beachfront property. The kids soon discover that this “luxurious” accommodation is only a tiny spot on the shoreline.
  43. The Magic School Bus Goes on Air – Air Pressure – The only contribution the kids in Ms. Frizzle’s class have made to the Walkerville Space Capsule is an empty jar. “It’s not empty,” argues Keesha. “It’s filled with air!” Ralphie thinks that air doesn’t do anything; but when the Bus shrinks and gets stuck inside the jar, the class finds that their only hope for escape is…air!
  44. The Magic School Bus Gets Swamped – Wetlands – Should Walkerville get rid of the swamp and replace it with a great new shopping mall or build the mall somewhere else? The class learns that the swamp is an important habitat and natural water filter, but the town council’s not convinced until…FLOOD!!
  45. The Magic School Bus Goes Cellular – Cells – It’s the night of the rock lovers’ annual Granite Awards, and Arnold is about to become the first kid to win the Rocky Award. He’s so excited, all he’s been able to eat for weeks are “Seaweedies.” When he arrives for the big event, he’s totally nervous and totally…orange!
  46. The Magic School Bus Sees Stars – Stars – When the kids see Horace Scope (Dabney Coleman) on the Star Shopping Network, they decide to buy Dorothy Ann a real twinkling star for her birthday.
  47. The Magic School Bus Gains Weight – Gravity – Phoebe is chosen to give a slam-dunk exhibition during the big basketball game. When she finds she can’t jump high enough because gravity is “pulling on” her, Ms. Frizzle takes the class into space and turns the Bus into a planet — with adjustable gravity!
  48. The Magic School Bus Makes a Stink – Smell – Flora Whiff (Bebe Neuwirth), the famous expert on smell — whose “nose knows” — comes to school to judge the First Annual Smell Search. Ms. Frizzle’s class creates a unique smell that is bound to take first prize.
  49. The Magic School Bus Gets Charged – Electricity – It’s Valentine’s Day and the class is selling light bulbs. When they stop at Ms. Frizzle’s house to sell her one, they find that her battery-operated doorbell doesn’t work.
  50. The Magic School Bus Gets Programmed – Computers – Ms. Frizzle’s class opens the school for Mr. Ruhle (Paul Winfield). But there’s so much to do! “There must be a way to do these chores without actually doing them,” says Carlos. Enter Mr. Ruhle’s new computer and Mikey, Carlos’ whiz-kid brother!
  51. The Magic School Bus in the City – City Critters – Ms. Frizzle’s class is visiting the zoo, which is, according to Tim, the only place in the city where wild animals can survive. To test this idea — ZAP! — Ms. Frizzle turns the class into possums, foxes, and falcons!
  52. The Magic School Bus Takes a Dive – Coral reefs/Symbiosis – When Wanda discovers that one of Ms. Frizzle’s ancestors was Redbeard the Pirate, she naturally wants to follow the treasure map he left. The map leads the class to a coral reef, where they learn firsthand that life there is risky.