Math Monsters (K-2)

This page links to the Math Monsters videos available on Discovery Education Streaming. The Math Monsters use math concepts to solve their problems. At the end of the video, a field trip is taken to see how humans in a real world situation handle the problem. Each video is 15 minutes.

Teacher Utilization video
Teacher’s Guide – From website or find on individual pages linked

  1. Data Collection – The Monsters decide to open a pancake restaurant. They conduct a survey to determine what kinds of pancakes to serve. They collect, organize, and display the data. Field trip to the zoo shows how data is collected and used in taking care of the animals.
  2. Standard and Non-Standard Measurement – The Monsters decide to build an addition on to their castle, but must let the carpenters know how big they wish the new room to be. Field trip to a visit a carpenter explains how we use standard measurements in construction.
  3. Number Conservation, Transformation and Equivalency – Working in their garden, the Monsters figure out that just because something looks different, it doesn’t mean it’s different. Explores number conservation and one to one correspondence. A field trip to the bakery shows how a batch of dough demonstrates this concept.
  4. The Making of Tens – The Monsters decide to send boxes of fruit for presents, but want each box to have a different combination of fruit. A real world application of number combinations is illustrated, and the making of tens is shown in a variety of ways.
  5. Geometry -In creating a model of their town (Mini-Monster Land), the Monsters explore concepts of perspective and discover various shapes. An architect shows his process for drawing and modeling new constructions.
  6. Mental Math: Doubles and Their Neighbors – The Monsters perform in a circus, providing a context for exploring doubles and their neighbors. A cashier explains how she uses mental math to help with calculations.
  7. Mapping – It’s time for a party and the Monsters help their guests get to their castle by drawing maps. A real world example of how firefighters use maps is included.
  8. Time – The Monsters take turns flying the one kite they have, but first have to make sure they each have equal time flying the kite. A field trip to the clock maker shows how we use analog and digital clocks.
  9. Patterns – The Monsters learn to recognize, describe, extend, and create patterns, while painting a border around their living room. The field trip to a tile store demonstrates more about patterns in nature.
  10. Counting and Symbolizing – Taking inventory of fish at the pet store, the Monsters figure out strategies to get an accurate count of fish, using one-to-one correspondence. The field trip to a grocery store shows how humans take inventory.
  11. Computers – The Monsters receive a brand new computer, but first must solve math challenges before they can log on. They are then treated to the wonderful variety of communication and learning possibilities a computer provides.
  12. Landmark Numbers & Number Line – The Math Monsters have opened a tow truck business to help people whose cars have broken down get to Positivity City and Negativityville. A field trip to visit a television weather man who discuses temperatures above and below zero further helps gain understanding of the number line and helpful landmark markers.
  13. Estimation – The Monsters learn strategies to help them estimate the gollywomple fruit. A field trip to visit a Forest Ranger discusses how estimation is used to monitor wild animal populations.
  14. Area – The Math Monsters have just built a rocket but need to know how to figure out the area to design the launch pad. A video field trip to visit a tile shop helps determine the area of various floors in their customer’s homes.