1. Africa: Namibian Ecosystem – Almost unknown to the outside world until its independence in 1990, Namibia is a land of spectacular variety. The world’s tallest sand dunes, the oldest desert, the fastest snake, and fastest land mammal are all found in this ecosystem of miracles.
  2. Africa: Zanzibar’s Archipelgo – Follow in the footsteps of explorer Stanley Livingstone to unlock the exotic secrets of the animals of Zanzibar. From the thirty pound coconut crab to the rare giant tortoise, seldom-seen species thrive in a remote and mysterious land.
  3. Alaska: An Extreme Environment – Alaska, a largely unexplored and undeveloped terrain, serves as a giant playground for some of the world’s most majestic wildlife. In this rugged frontier, Jeff is facing some of his most challenging searches yet with moose, salmon, musk ox, and octopus.
  4. Amphibians – What allows these cold-blooded vertebrates to live at least part of their lives on water and on land? Examine many different species of amphibians, including salamanders in Florida, the bufo marinus toad in California, the monkey frog in the Amazon, and the red-eyed tree frog and the blue jean frog in Costa Rica.
  5. Anaconda – The most massive snake on Earth lives in one of the most extreme environments in the world — the Venezuelan floodplains known as the “Llanos.”
  6. Animal Encounters – Of all the animals Jeff has encountered over the years, which are his favorites? Follow along as he treks across the globe to showcase bats, primates, tigers, sloths, pandas, eagles and sharks.
  7. Arizona: A Desert Ecosystem – With its combination of dry, cracked earth, stifling hot temperatures and wide vistas, the Arizona desert may seem a barren wasteland. Jeff discovers that this area is crawling with creatures equipped to thrive in these harsh conditions.