The Number Crew episodes in order on DE Streaming

The Number Crew features a human crew and their demanding animal passengers aboard the SS Mathematical, a luxury cruise ship. Each episode presents a unique math problem to be solved. The entire series offers 70 videos, separated into Series 1 (PK-1) and Series 2 (Grades 1-2). Each episode lasts approximately 9-10 minutes. DES offers The Number Crew in both English and Spanish, this page links to the videos in English.

Currently there are 49 videos available on DE Streaming (as of 11/04/2013). Episodes pertaining to money and measurements are missing, as they are not relevant for a U.S. audience. Additional episodes are missing that would be helpful, I hope they add them. Missing episodes are in red.


Series 1 (PK-1)

Numbers & the Number Systems 1

  1. All Aboard – The passengers arrive on the SS Mathematical. Math: Numbers 0-20 and back again
  2. Numbers on the Doors – The Number Crew has to number the cabins. Math: Read and write numbers to 20
  3. The Welcome Meeting – Bradley has to check that all the passengers are in attendance at the Welcome Meeting. Math: Count at least twenty objects. Understand that the last number gives the count and rearrangement leaves the number unchanged.
  4. Storm and Seasickness: Part 01 – The Number Crew has to sort out pills for seasick passengers. Math: Count on and back rather than starting over.
  5. Storm and Seasickness: Part 02 – Rough weather causes even more seasickness. Math: Count on and back in 10s to and from 100
  6. Time for Treats – The passengers are allowed a number of sweets corresponding to their size. Math: Two digit numbers
  7. The Dancing Bear – The Number Crew has to work out which passengers in which cabins are causing problems. Math: Say a number is 1 or 10 more than a given number.
  8. Drinks for All – Passengers in every other cabin are causing noise and the Number Crew has to work out why. Math: Count on and back in 2s. Beginning to recognize odd and even numbers
  9. Hunting for Bunting – Baby Bunting goes missing and the Number Crew have to search every cabin. Math: Count on and back in 5’s
  10. The Party – The Number Crew throw a party and the passengers win prizes. Math:  Comparing and ordering ordinal numbers

Calculations 1

  1. Lifeboat Practice – The Number Crew has to work out how many passengers should go in each lifeboat. Math:  Understanding addition, using number bonds to five.
  2. After Lifeboat Practice – The Number Crew has to work out how many passengers are left in each lifeboat as some get out. Math:  Understanding subtraction using number bonds to five.
  3. Ten Thing Bowling Competition 1 – The Number Crew has to work out the scores when the passengers play Ten Thing Bowling. Math:  Understand the relationship between addition and subtraction, using number bonds to ten.
  4. Ten Thing Bowling Competition 2 – The Number Crew sets up a bowling competition and the children have to keep track of the scores to find out who’s won. Math:  Use knowledge of number facts and place value to add a pair of numbers mentally within the range 0 to at least 10, and 0 to at least 20.
  5. Clear up! – The Number Crew has to clear up by filling up boxes. Math:  Partition and recombination – breaking numbers into five and a bit.
  6. The Trouble with Crocodiles – The Number Crew has to sort things out by using bigger boxes. Math: Begin to add a pair of single digit numbers, crossing ten.
  7. Ice Creams -  The Number Crew have to work out the prices of ice creams. Math:  Add nine by adding ten and adjusting by 1.
  8. Double Trouble – Some of the passengers are in luck and the others have nothing at all. Math:  Know by heart doubles from 1+1 to 5+5; begin to know doubles from 6+6 to 10+10 and the corresponding halves.
  9. Number Crew on Wheels – The Number Crew have to work out how many roller boots they need for the passengers. Math:  Understand the operation of multiplication and the associated vocabulary.
  10. The Roller-Hockey Match – The passengers form teams to play roller hockey. Math:  Understand the operation of division and the associated vocabulary.

Solving Problems 1

  1. The Roller Coaster – The Number Crew build a roller coaster and have to measure the passengers to make the cars the right size. Math: Understand and use the vocabulary relating to measuring and solving length problems.
  2. The Roller Coaster 2 – the Number Crew use the Elephant to check the weight of each animal. Math:  Understand and use the vocabulary related to measuring and solving mass problems.
  3. Drinks in the Sun – The Number Crew work out that different containers can contain the same amount of drink. Math:  Understand and use the vocabulary related to measuring and solving capacity problems.
  4. The Funfair – The Number Crew teach the passengers about money. Math:  Recognize different coins and their equivalent money values and solve simple money problems.
  5. More Fun at the Fair – The children each have to work out how to spend 20p at the funfair. Math:  Choose the appropriate number operation to solve a problem.
  6. The Treasure Hunt – The Number Crew set up a Treasure Hunt. Math: Solve numerical problems by recognizing simple patterns or relationships, generalizing and making predictions.
  7. It’s Yo-Yo Time – Time A yo yo craze takes over the passengers on board and has to be controlled by the Number Crew. Math:  Understand and use the vocabulary related to time and use units of time
  8. Do It for Charity – The passengers try different, timed activities for charity.  Math:  Read the time from clocks and solve problems using time.
  9. Sports Day – The Number Crew have a sports day, but face a lot of sorting out of passengers. Math: Collect and record numerical data.
  10. The Number Crew Awards – The passengers vote for their favorite home video clips and the votes are recorded to find a winner. Math:  Collect, record, discuss and make predictions from numerical data.

Shape and Space 1

  1. Shape Sorting – The Number Crew rescue Passengers from the strange world of 3-d shapes. Math:  Describe and sort common 3-D shapes according to their properties.
  2. Shape Escape – The Number Crew sort out 2-d shapes and find their way back to the ship. Math:  Describe and sort common 2-D shapes according to their properties.
  3. Super Models – The Number Crew make models. Math: Make models of shapes and patterns and describe their features.
  4. Fit Club – The Number Crew improve the passengers’ fitness.  Math:  Describe positions and directions.
  5. Turning Moments – The Number Crew help the passengers at the Fit Club to move forwards and to turn. Math: Describe movements (in a straight line and turning).

Series 2  (Grades 1-2)

Numbers & the Number Systems 2

  1. Paw Prints on the Tiles – 101 tiles are decorated with paw prints. Math: Say the number names in order to at least 100.
  2. Tiling with Style – hundred and one tiles find their place on the Ballroom walls. Math:  Read and write numbers to at least 100
  3. The Number Bugs Arrive – Number Bugs arrive and are counted by the cabinful.  Math:  Count reliably at least a hundred objects by grouping them.
  4. The Place for Treats – Passengers, in pairs, get treats. Math:  Know what each digit in a two-digit number represents, including zero as a place holder.
  5. Ordering Drinks – Number Crew serve drinks in an orderly fashion. Math:  Order a set of one or two digit numbers and position them on a number line.
  6. Sharing the Bugs – Number Bugs are shared. Math:  Recognize odd and even numbers to at least 30.
  7. Bug Magnets – the passengers sing to the Number Bugs to come hither. Math:  Understand and begin to use the vocabulary of estimation and approximation.
  8. Rounding Up the Bugs – Math:  Round numbers less than a hundred to the nearest ten.
  9. Action with Fractions – Number Crew divide mince pies and other comestibles into edible fractions. Math: Begin to recognize, name and find one half and one quarter of shapes and small numbers of objects.
  10. The Christmas Party – Number Crew celebrate Christmas. Math:  Begin to recognize that two halves or four quarters make one whole, and that two quarters and one half are equivalent.

Calculations 2

  1. The Iceberg – SS Mathematical steams astern into the iceberg. Math:  Recognize that addition can be done in any order.
  2. Putting On and Taking Off –  the passengers dress up to play outside in the cold, and undress when they return. Math:  Begin to understand the principle that subtraction reverses addition
  3. The Mathematical Seven –  the Mathematical Seven clean up town. Math: Know by heart addition and subtraction facts for seven.
  4. Ice Dancing –  the passengers practice winter sports. Math: Add three numbers by looking for pairs that make ten and doing these first.
  5. Spring Cleaning –  the Number Crew try tidying therapy to get over the loss of the iceberg. Math: Use patterns of similar characteristics.
  6. Hip Hip Array! – the Number Crew keep track of roller boots by putting them in an array. Math:  Understand the operation of multiplication as describing an array, and begin to recognize from arranging arrays that multiplication can be done in any order.
  7. The Roller Disco – Number Crew give out the boots for the roller disco. Math:  Understand the operation of division as grouping or repeated subtraction
  8. The Trouble with Doubles – Number Crew discover that two is not always twice as nice as one.  Math: Understand and use the principle that doubling reverses halving (doubling is the inverse of halving).
  9. The Holiday Club –  the Number Crew run the Holiday Club. Math: Know by heart the multiplication facts for the two times table and derive quickly the corresponding division facts
  10. The Number Bug Holiday Club – Baby Bunting runs a Holiday Club for the Number Bugs. Math: Use knowledge of Number Facts and place value to multiply or divide mentally

Solving Problems 2

  1. Landing on the Island – the SS Mathematical finally makes a landing. Math:  Choose and use appropriate number operations and ways of calculating to solve problems
  2. Exploring the Island –  the Number Crew and the Animals explore the island. Math:  Explain how a sum is solved
  3. Setting up Camp –  the Number Crew and the animals set up camp on the island.  Math:  Estimate, measure and compare lengths, using standard units
  4. Weights and Pleasures – the Number Crew and the animals weigh food for the beach party. Math:  Estimate, measure and compare masses using standard units.
  5. The Beach Party – the Number Crew and the animals organize drinks for the beach party. Math:  Estimate, measure and compare capacities using standard units
  6. The Model Island – the Number Crew make a model of the island for old times’ sake, and put on a puppet show.  Math:  Read a simple scale to the nearest labeled division, including using a ruler to draw and measure lines to the nearest centimeter
  7. The Cash Machine – the Number Crew sell souvenirs of the island. Math:  Recognize all coins and begin to use £ & p. notation for moneyThe Big Slide – the animals take turns on a slide. Math: Read the time to the hour, half hour or quarter hour on an analogue clock and a 12-hour digital clock, and understand the notation 7:30.
  8. The Photographs – the Number Crew sorts a collection of photographs. Math: Know in order the months and seasons of the year.
  9. The Mathematics Show –  the Number Crew stage a musical.  Math: Extracting and interpreting numerical

Shape and Space 2

  1. Changing Faces – The Number Crew find themselves back in the strange world of 3-d shapes. Math:  Describe and sort common 3-D shapes according to their properties.
  2. Octa Doctor – TheNumber Crew get different shaped tickets. Math:  Describe and sort common 2-D shapes according to their properties.
  3. Symmetrical Spectacles – The Number Crew find lines of symmetry and symmetrical shapes in their quest to return to the Mother Ship. Math: Recognize line symmetry in simple cases
  4. Nesting Time – The Number Crew find themselves cliff-hanging and clock-squatting. Math:  Describe positions and direction.
  5. Return of the Crew – The Number Crew sort out right angles and quarter turns. Math: Recognize whole, half and quarter turns and know that a quarter turn is a right angle.