Time Warp Trio is an animated television series, based on a series of children’s books written by Jon Scieszka and illustrated by Lane Smith. DE Streaming has all 26 episodes of Time Warp Trio and provides a Teacher’s Guide for each episode.

When Joe receives a book from his uncle on his 10th birthday, he has no idea what is in store for him and his two best friends Sam and Fred. Every time they open this book – known as The Book – it transports them through time into different time periods, causing them to get into dangerous situations. Whether they like it or not, they have to find the book in the time period they’re in while trying to stay alive.


  1. “The Not-So-Jolly Roger” – First adventure. On his tenth birthday, Joe’s mysterious uncle leaves him an ornate book and a word of caution: be careful what you wish for. Joe and his friends Fred and Sam soon discover the power of “The Book” when they travel back to colonial South Carolina to join Blackbeard’s crew!
  2. “2105” – The boys warp to the future, where they meet their great-granddaughters, Jodie, Freddi, and Samantha. Can they get back to the past before the girls are erased from history forever?
  3. “You Can’t, But Genghis Khan” – When Sam accidentally throws a Mongolian menu into The Book, the boys almost get turned into roadkill and meet the boy who will grow up to become Genghis Khan (Temüjin).
  4. “Tut, Tut” – The trio accidentally warps to ancient Egypt where they meet the young Pharaoh Thutmose and—thanks to his evil minister Hatsnat—gets a little too up close and personal with the mummification process.
  5. “Sam Samurai” – An accidental haiku sends Sam, Joe, and Fred back to the beginnings of the Tokugawa Shogunate, in 1600 Japan. Swords, samurai, and poetry contests challenge their talents.
  6. “See You Later, Gladiator” – The Book transports Joe, Sam, and Fred back to ancient Rome A.D. 120—and face-to-face with one big gladiator. They’ve seen plenty of professional wrestling on TV—but will the smackdown body slam be enough to save them at the Coliseum?
  7. “Lewis and Clark… and Jodie, Freddi and Samantha” – The girls’ wish for a camping trip transports them back to join Lewis and Clark on the first U.S. overland expedition to the Pacific Coast. Even with Sacagawea’s help, will Jodie, Samantha, and Freddi survive life in the snow-covered, bear-populated great outdoors?
  8. “Viking it and Liking it” – The boys want to play Vikings Football Smashfest, but instead find themselves in A.D. 1001 with a bunch of real Vikings! It’s one wild ride with Leif Ericson as they sail on his voyage of discovery to North America.
  9. “Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge?” – There’s no place like home—a hundred years ago?! Joe, Fred, and Sam warp back to the brawling, sprawling city of New York at the end of the nineteenth century to witness the building of the Brooklyn Bridge and help to inspire Thomas Edison in his Menlo Park lab.
  10. “Me Oh Maya” – A basketball game gets interrupted and the boys find themselves in Chichen Itza, Mexico, in the middle of a Maya ringball court a thousand years ago! Of course in this game, the stakes are a little higher because if they lose, they lose their heads!
  11. “The Good, the Bad, and the Goofy” – The trio discovers the hard way that life in the Old West is nothing like a cowboy movie. They need all of their tricks and wits to survive a stampede, a band of Cheyenne, and a full-blown charge of Custer’s Seventh Cavalry.
  12. “Able Was I Ere I Saw Elba” – Fred finds out firsthand what it means to have a “Napoleon complex” when he and Joe warp back to 1815 Paris and meet Napoleon Bonaparte. Luckily, Samantha is also there with pioneering aeronaut Sophie Blanchard, and the three of them experience the ride of their lives.
  13. “The Seven Blunders of the World”
    Joe, Fred, and Sam warp to Babylon to figure out who stole The Book and meet King Nebuchadnezzar II and Queen Amyitis, the creators of the famous Hanging Gardens. Can they recover The Book before all of Babylon is destroyed and Joe’s evil uncle Mad Jack takes over the world?
  14. “Jinga All the Way” – Sam, Jodi, and Fred go back to seventeenth-century Africa during the conflict between Jinga and the Portuguese in Angola. The group learns of Jinga’s fierce determination and political prowess.
  15. “Birdman or Birdbrain?” – When The Book’s pages transform into rongorongo script, Freddi, Samantha, and Fred transport back in time to Rapa Nui (a.k.a. Easter Island) and come face to face with a fifteen-ton Moai! It’s just another day at the beach as the trio jump off cliffs, swim through shark-infested waters to the Birdman’s Island (Motu Nui)… oh, and try to find The Book along the way!
  16. “Dude, Where’s My Karma?” – When Joe realizes that he’s slowly disappearing, the kids find a malfunction in his family tree in The Book and follow it to India during the Gupta Empire. Sam, Fred, Samantha, and Freddi have to help Joe’s ancestor Prince Karna win the hand of Princess Lakshmi to save the entire family line!
  17. “My Big Fat Greek Olympics” – A wild warp at the Olympia Diner sends Fred and Samantha to Ancient Greece during the Olympic games (and Sam to another diner on the edge of Time). Can the three of them get it together to avoid historical disaster?
  18. “Wushu Were Here” – Sam gets trapped inside The Book, and Anna, Fred, and Joe travel back to the Tang dynasty in China in A.D. 621 to figure out how to get him out. En route they help the Shaolin monks rescue General Li Shimin from prison, travel past the beginnings of the Great Wall, learn about the teachings of Chan Buddhism, and come face to face with the evil Mad Jack!
  19. What’s So Great About Peter?” – Sam’s Grandpa Dima tells some pretty amazing stories to Sam, Fred, and Samantha about his ancestor, Alexander Kikin—but could they be true? Fred and Samantha convince Sam to travel back to Russia just in time to save Kikin (a member of the Russian guardsmen, the Streltsy), from the wrath of Peter the Great.
  20. “The Caveman Catastrophe” – When the kids warp back to the Stone Age, they manage to decipher some cave paintings and find The Book in the camp of the Neanderthals. But when they trade Jodi’s binoculars to get it back, something goes wacky, and the kids are suddenly a lot hairier than usual.
  21. “Nightmare on Joe’s Street” – Frankenstein’s Monster has escaped from Mary Shelley’s imagination and is wreaking havoc in Joe’s apartment in Brooklyn! Joe, Sam, and Jodi warp the monster back to Switzerland in 1816 and endure ghost stories and vampires to turn fact back to fiction!
  22. “Breaking the Codex” – Jodie and Freddi unexpectedly grab Joe and warp him to 1503 in Italy at the height of the Italian Renaissance. Their mission? To rescue the brilliant inventor Leonardo da Vinci from Mad Jack, who has some how gotten the idea that da Vinci can help him create his own time-traveling book.
  23. “Break an Egg” – Though it’s a very hot day, warping back to ice-cold Antarctica in 1911 isn’t exactly what Joe, Sam, and Fred had in mind. They encounter Robert Scott’s Antarctic expedition, endure 47-degree-below-zero weather, eat hoosh (seal meat), and discover that Mad Jack has brought them to the one place on Earth that’s too cold for The Book to work!
  24. “The High and the Flighty” – The girls hear a mysterious radio transmission, and Freddi recognizes that it’s the voice of her heroine, aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, broadcasting an urgent message on her last, ill-fated flight. The girls warp back to 1937 and try to solve the mystery of Amelia’s disappearance on her attempted around-the-world flight.
  25. “Harem Scare’em” – Jodie, Sam, and Fred warp to the Topkapi Palace in the Ottoman Empire during the sixteenth century, where they meet Selim, Suleiman the Magnificent’s son, and his wily monkey, Dimples! The kids find themselves in a race through the palace and up to the top of a minaret with a crazed Dimples who suddenly starts wielding a scimitar and looking and sounding an awful lot like Mad Jack!
  26. “Plaid to the Bone” – Joe, Anna, and Jodie are on a wild ride—flung from a trebuchet and hurtling towards Castle Dunbar in Scotland during a siege in 1338 by the English Earl of Salisbury. But when the kids meet Uncle Joe in the dungeon, they realize much more is at stake. Family conflict takes on a whole new meaning when Joe has to watch Uncle Joe and Mad Jack (his other uncle) battle it out over the fate of the universe!

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Time Warp Trio Episodes in Historical Order

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  1. NEANDERTHALS, Prehistoric
    The Caveman Catastrophe
  2. ANCIENT EGYPT, 1500 B.C.
    Tut Tut
    The Seven Blunders of the World
    My Big Fat Greek Olympics
  5. GLADIATORS, A.D. 120
    See You Later, Gladiator!
  6. INDIA, A.D. 720
    Dude, Where’s My Karma?
  7. CHINA, A.D. 621
    Wushu Were Here
  8. THE MAYA, A.D. 960
    Me Oh Maya
  9. VIKINGS, 1001
    Viking It and Liking It
  10. GENGHIS KHAN, 1170
    You Can’t, but Genghis Khan
    Plaid to the Bone
    Breaking the Codex
  13. OTTOMAN EMPIRE, 1540
    Harem Scare’em
  14. SAMURAI, 1618
    Sam Samurai
    Jinga All the Way
  16. PETER THE GREAT, 1698
    What’s So Great About Peter?
  17. PIRATES, 1718
    The Not-So-Jolly Roger
  18. EASTER ISLAND, 1765
    Birdman or Birdbrain?
  19. LEWIS AND CLARK, 1805
    Lewis and Clark…
  20. FRANKENSTEIN, 1816
    Nightmare on Joe’s Street
  21. OLD WEST, 1868
    The Good, the Bad, and the Goofy
  22. NAPOLEON, 1815
    Able Was I Ere I Saw Elba
  23. INVENTORS, 1877
    Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge?
  24. SOUTH POLE, 1911
    Break an Egg
  25. AMELIA EARHART, 1937
    The High and the Flighty
  26. THE FUTURE, 2105