Follow the adventures of WordGirl and her trusted sidekick, Captain Huggy Face, as they fight off evil villains with superhuman powers and learn new vocabulary words every day.

  1. Tobey or Consequences | High-Fat Robbery – enormous, bicker, diversion, and impressive
  2. You Can’t Crush City Hall | Two-Brain Highway – doomed, hustle, dash, guaranteed, coincidence
  3. Coupon Madness | When Life Gives You Potatoes… – bargain, coupon, squint, transformation, and glum
  4. Jerky Jerk | Becky’s Birthday – clumsy, supreme, appetite, and expand
  5. Chuck! | Down With Word Up – tradition, confusing, deceived, and idolized
  6. Book Ends | Mr. Big – destroy, predictable, vague, and specific
  7. Super-Grounded | Mouse Army – disappointed, preposterous, depend, and stampede
  8. Tobey’s Masterpiece |Chuck the Nice Pencil Selling Guy -  gasp, masterpiece, stubborn, and compromise
  9. The Birthday Girl | Granny-Sitter – generous, exaggerate, accelerate, and investigate
  10. Mr. Big’s Big Plan | Vocab Bee – decide, opponent, perfect, and suspicious
  11. Shrinkin’ in the Ray | Department Store Tobey – increase, decrease, malfunction, and clever
  12. Chuck E. Sneeze | Swap Meat – avoid, contagious, forgery, and magnificent
  13. Granny’s Goodtime All-Cure Spritzer | Mecha-Mouse – hoax, potent, identical, and astonished
  14. Princess Triana and The Ogre of Castlebum | Heat Wave, Crime Wave – reveal, devotion, swelter, and opportunity
  15. Thorn in the Sidekick | Crime Takes a Holiday – sidekick, exasperate, replacement, and gloat
  16. Meat With a Side of Cute | Mr. Big Words – frantic, adorable, clarify, dictionary, and proceed
  17. Two-Brains Forgets | Banned on the Run – quarrel, identity, banned, and restore
  18. Have You Seen The Remote? | Sidekicked To The Curb – president, baffling, motivate, and finale
  19. Lady Redundant Woman | A Game of Cat and Mouse – perplexed, redundant, texture, and weakness
  20. The Masked Meat Marauder | Sandwich Land – rival, morale, compliment, and lair
  21. Violet Superhero | Big Business – catchphrase, confide, gibberish, and brilliant
  22. The Handsome Panther | The Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick Maker – ferocious, design, finicky, and trio
  23. Mousezilla | Villain School – collaborate, quest, novice, and legendary
  24. Return of the Reprise of Lady Redundant Woman | A Simple Plan – elegant, incognito, hideous, and complicated
  25. Granny Mayor | Tobey Goes Good – masquerade, appreciate, demonstrate, and mumble
  26. Bongo Rock | Dr. Three Brains – ponder, mighty, outdo, and unexpected
  27. A Vote for Becky | Class Act – elect, candidate, ramble, and articulate
  28. The Two-Brains Boogie | Field Day Fund with Robo-Tobey -  shimmy, indestructible, authentic, and competition
  29. Slumber Party Pooper | Line Lessons with Lady Redundant Woman – blurt, nuisance, impolite, and oodles
  30. Mr. Big’s Dolls and Dollars | Great Granny May – constantly, indignant, doting, and evidence
  31. Theme Park WHAMpage | Chuck Makes a Buck – patience, enthusiastic, stupendous, and edible
  32. Highway to Harvati | Tiny Big – leisure, berserk, fad, and limelight
  33. I Think I’m a Clone Now | Answer All My Questions and Win Stuff – malicious, thesaurus, contestant, and permission
  34. Bonkers For Bingo | The Ballad of Steve McClean – adore, undefeated, snazzy, and heist
  35. Tobey’s Tricks and Treats | Escape Wham – eerie, supernatural, boisterous, and potential
  36. Pretty Princess Premiere | Where’s Huggy? – premiere, anticipation, rehearse, and shrug
  37. Robo-Camping | The Stew, The Proud – serene, independent, arrogant, and overdue
  38. Who Wants Candy? | Chuck’s Brother
  39. Becky and the Bard | Monkey-Robot Showdown – shimmer, memorize, champion, and vanquish
  40. The Wrong Side of the Law (Two-part episode) – priceless, examine, guilty, and objection
  41. Two Brains Quartet | Big’s Big Bounce – quartet, melodious, boost, and tempting
  42. The Young and the Meatless | Mr. Big’s Mini-Golf – duplicate, interruption, colossal, and scoff.
  43. Nocan The Contrarian | Meat My Dad -contrary, exquisite, nemesis, and badger
  44. Who Is Ms. Question? | Lunch Lady Chuck – inquire, hilarious, disorderly, and famished
  45. Oh, Holiday Cheese | Ch-ch-ch-change Day – curmudgeon, festivity, quandary, and fidget
  46. WordGirl Makes a Mistake (Two-part episode) – flawless, dominate, potent, and mission