We just love playing games! I buy a few every month and now we have quite a full game closet. I will have to move our puzzles and logic games out to make room for just games.

This section will include separate reviews for our favorite educational games and puzzles. I just added this page July 2011, so I hope to add a few new game reviews each month.


Game Closet


Currently links go to an Amazon page, but as I get reviews up, I will bold the entries and link to the reviews.

Geography Games

  • Scrambled States of America by Gamewright
  • Atlas Adventures
  • Name That Country
  • Name That State
  • Where in the World?
  • Great States/Great States Jr. by International Playthings
  • 10 Days in… series
  • Passport to Culture
  • Reading Roadway USA
  • Brainbox All Around the USA by MindWare
  • GeoPuzzles
  • Do You Know Where You Are? (challenging)

Math Games

  • Sum Swamp Addition and Subtraction by Learning Resources
  • Dino Math Tracks Place Value
  • Money Bags
  • Buy it Right Shopping
  • Pizza Fraction Fun Game
  • Angleside School Adventure – A Measurement Game
  • Totally Tut Math Operations Game
  • Auntie Pasta’s  Fraction Game
  • Measuring Marathon Game
  • Equate – The Equation Thinking Game
  • Zeus on the Loose by Gamewright
  • Number Ninjas by Haywire Group
  • Loose Change by MindWare
  • Maya Madness

Science Games

History Games

Language Arts Games


  • Blokus
  • Rush Hour
  • Chocolate Fix
  • No Stress Chess


  • Jax Doodle Dice

Cooperative Games

  • Forbidden Island
  • Castle Panic


Other/Not categorized

  • Blink
  • Set
  • Sleeping Queens by Gamewright
  • Frog Juice by Gamewright
  • Quiddler by Set Enterprises
  • Qwirkle


Just Plain Fun