This spring of 2010 and on-going, we will start our Nature Study program. I plan to take lots of nature walks, hikes, and join our local Butterfly Pavilion. This page will get more organized as I figure out how best to implement a nature study program. For now, it is mostly my random thoughts.

We live in the Rocky Mountains and are surrounded by nature. We live on six acres of land, with a mountain stream on one side and the other side adjacent to a national forest. We’re an hour away from Rocky Mountain National Park. Down the mountain are great nature places such as the Butterfly Pavilion, great birdwatching areas, and so much more.

For each nature walk, we will take:

  • Camera (both mom and daughter)
  • Nature Drawing Journal (includes envelopes/baggies for collecting t hings like leaves, pressed flowers)
  • Pencil, colored pencils, sharpener
  • Binoculars
  • A few field guides depending on what we are focusing on that day’
  • Day pack with the normal things we’d take on a hike – water, jacket, snack, whistle, etc…

Nature Books

Internet Links

Online Nature Guides




Fauna – Plants/Trees/Flowers/etc


  • Field Guides – search more than 5,500 plants and animals, listen to bird calls
  • Birding section
  • Identify Mammal Tracks
  • Fun and Games
  • Much more

Identify a Tree

Discovery Life – Identification guides and checklists of plants and animals

Other Thoughts

I want to build a trail to meander through our property. Here’s some links for ideas:

Build a trail by Claire Wolfe

Setting up birdhouses along trail

iPhone Apps