I took these pictures a few weeks ago, but I want to get more posts of us using our curriculum in action. So the next few weeks, look for updates on how we’re doing in all our favorite programs! I then tag our curriculum by its abbreviation I use. So all Math Mammoth posts should have this link: http://satorismiles.com/tag/mm

In Math Mammoth 1-B, you’ll be doing a lot of 100-chart and place value work. These have actually really helped Satori lately, she now has another tool aside from her abacus to think of numbers. The way she’s been talking, I know she’s got this 100-Chart in her head now. Here’s a sample page of work she did a few weeks back.

Since she totally loves hands-on, mama-daddy-interaction, I knew this floor Hip Hoppin Hundred Chart Map (by Learning Resources) would be a hit. Before you use it, let it AIR OUT for like a month somewhere. We had lots of fun playing with her number mat, and she wants it out everyday now. She teaches Daddy math on the weekends with it as well. 🙂

Back to Math Mammoth, here’s an online math game that Maria (creator of Math Mammoth) linked to on our sheet. At first it took Satori a long time to figure out where the numbers were on this blank chart, but after some practice, she’s a real pro now.

Play it yourself here! Find the 10 hidden bones on the 1-100 number square in less than a minute.