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We started making this Hot Air Balloon probably two months ago back when we studied Air for science. This drove the point home that everything, including air and helium balloons that rise – all weigh something. Helium and hot air are gases that simply weigh less than normal air, so they rise.


To make this, blow up a balloon. Then, paste small squares of white paper to it, layering it with a few layers. Wait for it to dry. You do not have to wait two months like we did. 😉 After dry, cut out the bottom of the balloon and take the balloon out. It will retain its shape.

Then paint away!



Don’t tell Daddy, but Mama put yet another hole in the wall, this time a ceiling hook. He hates it when I put up holes in the walls, but sometimes it is worth it! 🙂 The above photo is my perspective looking down on Satori painting while I was trying to get the hole in the ceiling. Once she was done, we attached a little basket I got from a craft store. You can also use an empty matchbox or make your own.

Then, the finished Hot Air Balloon, floating from our ceiling! The girl is almost falling out, Grandpa, pull her back!


Now, we have to cuddle up, the locals tell me it is supposed to reach negative 34 degrees tonight!

To emphasize our science topic this week of “Air”, we were thrilled to have a windy day, perfect for kite flying! You gotta love it when you can combine science with physical activity and fun!


We certainly got a lot of running in today, as it wasn’t consistent windy, rather gusts of occasional winds, so often we had to provide our own power by running. Of course our family had to have a flying pteradactyl!


David trying to fly the other kite.


Air is fun!


Earlier today, at home, we performed science experiments that show the two points I wanted to demonstrate:

  1. Air takes up space.
  2. Air has weight.

Dr. Nebel’s book shows you how to setup these easy experiments that successfully drive the point home, and even my husband and I learned some things today!

Air takes up space

Air takes up space

Here mom is blowing in the water, pushing the air into the water, which bubbles back up to the surface. Kashi the cat had fun observing the air. 🙂


I love experiments!

– I overheard Satori saying this to herself today…

Here’s our balloon experiment which showed us that air does indeed weigh something.

Air has weight

Air has weight


Sep 16

The next few weeks are busy ones for us. We have a guest at our house for a few days, and then we’re heading to Breckenridge over the weekend for my birthday. Next weekend we’re heading to Wisconsin to see my parents, that could be 7-10 days or so…

But a quick update on how homeschooling is going! We are now starting our third week in kindergarten with a slightly increased number of lessons/time, but it is going great! Satori’s handwriting, reading, and spelling improve drastically it seems everyday. She can read and spell words at a mid-1st grade/2nd grade level. We’ve finished learning ALL lower-case letters. She got the 1-10 numbers down pat on the AL Abacus, tally sticks and fingers for RightStart Math, we’re ready to see where it takes us next. We are finally finishing up  our prehistory studies, and the next stuff  we cover will be actual human history. In fact, we’ve hit a few important milestones and will be spending a month or two reviewing/practicing everything before moving on in some subjects! This post is about our new subject we’ve started – Science.

Science is Satori’s current favorite subject. I’m pretty psyched about it too, and have dedicated a space in our house for a science corner, I’m dubbing it the “Science Station”. I just added a very inexpensive desk and bookshelf to the space. Here’s a peek at the preliminary area:


I got some black posterboard, border and letters and put a “Science Station” poster above her desk. I still have to put up the cork/white board up on the wall. Finally, I might want to paint it to give it some color. What would go good with black floor? The other end of this room is our fitness gym, so it should be a lively color.


Later today we’ll be doing a BFSU science lesson on Air. We’ll learn that it does indeed take up space and weighs something (see above book – AIR is heavier than nothing”), by doing a few experiments and then reading a few go-along books. You can see above I have our play sink all setup for some of the experiments.

Here’s our go-along books for Air:


The I Face the Wind book by Vicki Cobb is great, very colorful and presents the concepts very nicely for a 4-5 year old. I just see it won an award – the Sibert Honor for the Most Distinguished Informational book in 2004! Also for science, there’s all the Let’s Read and Find Out series, this one we already had at home, but first time reading it – Air Is All Around You.

To be honest, I think with these two books, we covered Air pretty nicely, I am not all the other books I got from the library are necessary, we’ll see how it goes…