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Tag: apps

Last month I was specifically looking for state geography iPad app games, and I found Stack the States, recently released for iPad. This game rocks! It is only $0.99 and so very worth it. It’s cute, colorful, fun and extremely educational.

It quizzes you on capitals, states, nicknames, abbreviations, bordering states, and more. You select the state answer and then you position your state to fall and stack up below the b&w line.

The states will tumble, bounce, and finally settle, hopefully on the platform. If you’re not careful, a state will fall right off. What’s cool is that you can plan how your state will fall so it will best stick. Even better, is you see the relative sizes of the states. I happen to have a lot of big states here, but the sizes are very apparent when you have some of the smaller northeastern states paired up with a state like Alaska and Texas. It’s so funny as the states look at each other with their huge eyes.

Once your stack of states goes over the line, you win that session. You then earn a new state to add to your map.

After you earn a certain amount of states, you are able to play more games. Here’s the bonus Puzzler Game. The states bounce off each other if you hit them, so you have to keep that in mind and carefully position each state in place.

A week later, Stack the Countries was released on 2/24/2011!  This is $1.99, but of course, you’re learning the entire world, so very worth it. A game on the world world can be daunting, especially for a 6 year old, so you can start out on “Learn” mode for a continent.

Clicking on a country brings up the basics, you’ll see the country shape, name, flag, and capital.

Click View Flash Card to learn even more.

When you’re ready to play, you can control which types of questions are presented…

Now you’re set to play!

Just like in Stack the States, you earn countries to unlock more bonus games. It reinforces the position of a country, as well as making the game totally addicting.

Check out this YouTube to experience Stack the Countries:

These two iPad apps are our absolute favorites and by far the best value. Our entire family plays these games, and we also literally have a “blast” with Rocket Math, another great educational app by the same person who made Stack the States. I’ll blog about that in another post.

David and I are sharing this new toy. So far our favorite apps are: Scrabble, Rush Hour, Plants vs. Zombies, iBird Pro and Kindle. Once I get more used to the iPad, I’ll list all of our favorite educational apps!

Unfortunately, we did give up our iPhones. (I think we’ll be lazy and sell them on a service that makes it super easy to send it in for cash.) We’re not phone users and I never really used mine as a phone, only for email, so I’m not going to miss it too much.

The entire family played Plants vs. Zombies tonight! We kicked zombie butt.