Seeing that Amazon had quite a few Basher Books on sale for just $3.60 earlier this month, I decided it was time to start our Basher Book collection. I was happy with the books we got and took a bunch of pictures with the intention to blog about them. I dropped the ball on that though, and now only a couple are on sale. I apologize I didn’t have a more timely post, but it looks like Planet Earth and Physics are still on sale. Otherwise, you can get the new and updated versions at a decent price. Some qualify for Amazon’s 4-for-3 promotion.

What are Basher Books? These are colorful, quirky science (and other topics) books designed starting for ages 8-10, but like almost everything we use, we take off a few years. The cute illustrations speak to children in an memorable and accessible manner. They are small books, measuring 7″ x 7″  with 128 pages. The author and illustrator is Simon Basher.

So far we have these books plus Planet Earth which just arrived today.

Here’s a peek inside The Periodic Table.

A closeup of one of the “characters”…

It seems like most of the books (but not all) include a poster. They are attached in the back of the book and are perforated so come out easily, measuring about 9″x13″.  The coolest one is from their Periodic Table book.


Basher website offers a download page which includes a large version of the above poster, other posters, desktop wallpaper and more. Here’s their Periodic Table PDF poster.

Here’s a page out of Astronomy – Out of This World.  The lower right corner shows one of the books with the black remainder mark since I got it at the clearance price.

The included poster…


A page out of Rocks and Minerals – A Gem of a Book!

More posters in action.

Here is more information about each book on the Basher Laboratories website. It doesn’t seem to be a complete list though. We’ll be building up our little collection, although some of the books will not be relevant for a year or two for us.

We look forward to getting the new Grammar – Write Here, Write Now book next which just came out last week.