This afternoon while David was preparing his hot chocolate, he started joking around and proclaimed he wanted to go to Jo-Anns and get some materials to do some crafts. In the blink of an eye, I set out craft materials for a SOTW project Satori and I were going to do this week. He eased into the craft and we turned it into a family craft night!

Satori is now studying the Middle Kingdom of Egypt and after reading “The Hyksos Invade Egypt”, we learned that the Egyptians grew weak and were invaded by the Hyksos. The Hyksos were warrior nomads who easily conquered Egypt with their superior weapons and a light-weight horse-drawn chariot. Eventually the Egyptians copied these tools of warfare and drove the Hyksos out using their own technology!

Here’s a few drawings of Egyptian chariots and weapons. For the parents wanting to learn more about this time, here’s =a 7.5 page PDF document about these chariots and the Hyksos.

This craft was much easier to do than I anticipated. It was one of our first experiences using a hot glue gun, sorry David for not warning you how hot that glue was going to be! Our chariot is a bit bigger than the ones pictured above, but it served its purpose. Our Egyptian warrior was proudly carried around in it.

Just for giggles, Satori also wanted me to shoot a picture of our Egyptian fighting off a Dimetrodon. She knew the Dimetrodon was from prehistoric Permian period and this scene could never have taken place!