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Tag: christmas

Aw heck, I was feeling lazy tonight and thought I would make this post a Wordless Wednesday, but I just couldn’t. It’s been such a crazy day. A winter storm hit us last night and while the snow wasn’t so bad, it makes it almost impossible to drive on steep slippery mountain roads like where we live. (We live on top of a hill on top of a mountain.) I thought a Family Craft Night to make Christmas tree ornaments would be fun, so I needed to get to Boulder which is all the way down the mountain from us.

I got in the car and proceeded inch by inch down our steep driveway. Sure enough, the car starts to slide. Anti-lock brakes and letting off on the brakes now and then does not help on this slippery slope. The left side of our driveway is a little cliff. As I was sliding towards that cliff, I find myself eyeing the spindly lodgepole pine trees hoping desperately they would be enough to hold back a large SUV. I stopped just in time. Second try and then the car starts sliding sideways down the hill and at the final moment, again towards the cliff side.  Stopped again just inches from certain death. That’s it, maybe I should give up. I burst into the house and David came to the rescue! He goes down the hill faster than me and the wheels get more traction, and the car made it safe and sound down our driveway! I was able to get the craft items, because that was oh so important you know.

Once at home, I laid out all the craft items along with some print-outs of instructions to make about a dozen ornaments. We all picked a few and chugged away at our masterpieces!

David chose the two coolest ornaments, a gift-wrapped present and sleds.

I made sure Satori got the easy ones – mostly the chenille stem and pony bead type. 🙂 I was pretty busy managing it all, but I did finish a pair of skis and the reindeer head.

It was a great family activity and a very memorable night. We’ve put a few on our tree and may give a few as gifts. Click the link below if you want to check out how to make these ornaments and more.

Links to making these ornaments

Satori in Santa hat decorating the tree. I had an empty holiday frame sitting around and thought I’d shoot a few pictures to fill it out. 🙂

She asked why the Christmas lights looked like sticker circles, hehe. I said I was trying to achieve that, and it’s called bokeh.

As I was preparing these images for this blog post, Satori made me a letter, and I just had to share…

As you can see, we are to the point where no intensive-parent-translations are needed. Just a mild effort is needed to read her letters. This letter tonight says:

i have the bestest mom ever

We get letters like this all the time. Every now and then I can’t resist sharing.