Last night Satori was writing in one of her journals and asked me what a willow tree looked like. When we googled images of willow trees, she said that she’d have to change her story a little.

This is her story she wrote late last night. I typed out her exact words after each picture, spelling and all. (She cranks out a few of these type of stories a day sometimes.)


June 1, 2011  | written and illustrated by Satori

Chapter 1 – In the Forest

Antenniana was a 9 year old girl. She had rich pale black hair, and eyes as blue as the sea. She was an orphan that lived under a blossoming branch of a willow tree. If you were there, you’d usually find her under another tree in a carpet of flowers. She wore gloves and a ballarina dress. She ate from a plum tree, beirry bush, and the river that was always flowing with fish even in the winter. She slept on top of the willow tree.

One fine morning as Antenniana woke up, she heard some footsteps. Quickly she loocked back, it was a man, and he said “You must go to the orphanage at once!” Without anyone reminding her, she climbed down, and took his hand. They walked to a city called Irilly. A strange, tall, big, and red biulding made out of bricks. It had 479 windows. A charming blue door, and a women was looking out a window.
She came down and opened the door. It was romantic inside. It had a shadaleer lit with cadles, a red, orange, fancy couch, and a very decorated chair, and a desk with lamp and a dwors.

Chapter 2 – In the Orphanage

We have recently finished grade two of two grammar programs and are starting grade 3 in both. Some may think I’m insane for doing so much grammar. Is it paying off? I am seeing some descriptive adjectives and adverbs, as well as mostly correct use of quotes, commas, and  sentences. Pretty much anything we learned in grade 2 grammar is demonstrated in this little story. I think she surpassed her first grade writing knowledge that she learned, except for not using paragraphs. As for spelling, I think it’s pretty good for a six year old. We have done two levels of All About Spelling a year now and are more than halfway done in Level 4 (grade 3-4ish).

We have not focused nearly as much on actual writing program. We finished Write Source grade 1 and all we did this spring was learn different types of writing. Not much official writing practice was done.

We are starting Grade 2 today in our homeschool at Fox Mountain Academy and will be concentrating on building appropriate paragraphs going forward. Hopefully by the end of the summer, we’ll have some well-written paragraphs!