Head on over to Scholastic Teacher Express to catch their Dollar Deals sale! They have an astounding assortment of eBooks on every subject, each one just $1.00. The regular price is anywhere from $5.95 to over $20, so you can save hundreds of dollars by just spending a few bucks.

It ends tonight though (1/31/2011), so hurry on over and check it out!

Here’s what we got. I hear the Human Body eBook is particularly cool! I hope to review more of them as we get time. I think they have this sale often, so I’ll be back for more next time!

  • Easy Make & Learn Projects: Human Body
  • Lift & Look Science Mini-Books and Manipulatives
  • Literature Guide: Lord of the Rings
  • Instant Map Skills: United States
  • U. S. Map Crosswords
  • Word Study Learning Packs
  • Easy Make & Learn Projects: Penguins
  • Frogs
  • Math Skills Made Fun: Great Graph Art to Build Early Math Skills
  • Reading Success Mini-Books: Sight Words in Spanish
  • Instant Habitat Dioramas
  • Amazing Hands-on Map Activities
  • 20 Hands-On Activities for Learning Idioms
  • Easy Make & Learn Projects: Colonial America
  • Let’s Learn Mini-Books: Our Nation
  • Easy Make & Learn Projects: Southwest Indians
  • Money Math Learning Centers
  • Teaching Electricity—Yes You Can!