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Tag: drawings

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Satori loves to write books. Normallly they are her own original stories, but today I noticed a new story lying on the table that looked a bit familiar. We had just finished our read-aloud this week of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. We are looking forward to seeing this movie in two weeks. So naturally, Satori felt compelled to recreate the story in her own words and illustrations. I couldn’t resist sharing her story.

Disclosure: Normally I don’t share these stories, as there are rampant misspellings, but just so you know that Satori only recently turned 5 and hasn’t had a lot of spelling lessons that a normal writer would have. 😉 So without further ado, I take you through a few pages of Satori’s Alis in Wandr Land.

Title Page

Here is Alice and her sister in the beginning of the story. Her sister is reading a geography book while Alice is sitting in the tree with her cat Dinah. Translation: In spring, Alice was playing in a beautiful (forest?).  The butterfly is saying “Look”.

Translation: Mister Rabbit came but he said, “I’m Late! I’m Late!”

Alice falls down the rabbit hole…

These is just a sample of the wonderful stories and letters that Satori writes everyday. Each time I read a story of hers, I am compelled to rush her through her spelling program, but overall, I’m so very proud of her.