Elementary Spanish is the main Spanish program we started using last fall. It is just one of the thousands of offerings from Discovery Education Streaming (which we get for $200/year through Homeschool Buyers Co-op).

I don’t think I reviewed this program on our blog, so hopefully this post will give a better idea. Elementary Spanish is a series of online videos, for Grades 1 through 6, with (I believe) 30 units of lessons, and 10 lessons per unit. That makes it 300 20-minute lessons. You do not need to know Spanish yourself. Just download the teacher’s manual, complete with the Vocabulary and Activity Sheets for each lesson, as well as Bulletin Boards, practical resources, Certificates, and tests. We recently finished Unit 1 – ¿Dónde vives? and here is Satori holding up her newly framed certificate. In that unit, we learned Members of the Family, Rooms of the House, and Places to Live.

Unit 2 is Mi Cuerpo, My Body. Here’s a look at the video as Satori watches.

Here’s a sample Activity Sheet to go along with the lesson.

Here is Senora Cana, the maestra (teacher) for Grade 1. For a few of the lessons to learn the body, she’s been playing the Simon Says game to help learn body parts.

We’ve decided to ditch our other spanish program we’re using (La Clase Divertida) as this one is so easy to do and is more a complete program. Each Elementary Spanish lesson gives plenty of review of previous lessons, especially for quick learners, so we’re going to quicken our pace of Elementary Spanish (ES) to two lessons a week.

Here is one of the projects we did to learn about the Day of the Dead, which is covered in detail in Unit 2, Lesson 2. We cut these skeletons out, decorated them, fastened their movable joints, and thread a string through their arms and legs so they move.

Even Daddy participated, with Satori’s decorating help.

Satori enjoyed her lesson so much, she wrote up a page summary on The Day of the Dead.

Coincidentally, Satori got a gift from Daddy, who has been working in Mexico the past month. He didn’t even know we covered the lesson on the Day of the Dead, and he got her this little frame with a dancing skeleton.