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I never know what I’m going to do when I wake up in the morning. Today the urge to make an American History timeline hit me and an afternoon later, I finished! I thought I’d share for those of you who might like it. It starts in the year 1000 AD when the first European set foot on American land and goes up to the year 2055.

It is 24 pages that you can print off in Landscape mode. There is a bit of space on each page (right of the light gray line) if you want to bind them together somehow, although since I made it in Landscape, I’m not sure what sort of binder would fit. I suppose just using your own cardstock, decorated by the child would work. You should be able to store it in accordion fashion if you don’t have room on your wall.

The download is in two parts because of restrictions of file sizes on my blog.

It starts with a Pre-Columbian page with century divisions, but the rest of the timeline has 5-year increments.

I may make an even earlier version later to show the Native American civilizations that thrived before the Europeans arrived. As half Native American myself, I intend to do a more indepth study with Satori next time around.

You may wonder why I spent an entire afternoon and evening making my own timeline when I already have a few up. As we started studying American History, I realized I would not have enough room on the timelines to add all the American History events. I plan to laminate ours. I discovered that you can write on laminated things with a permanent marker which you can always rub off with rubbing alcohol. It will be nice to have a timeline that can be erased in case we want to test ourselves on events.

Yes, I am officially a self-professed timeline addict!

I’ve also started compiling an American History Literature book list that I plan to read with Satori over the years. We have been very excited about learning American History this month! We’re using Adventures in America which is geared for grades K-2, and it seems a bit simple for us, but I’m grateful for its simplicity in getting started. I’ll be making our own plans for the next phase of American History in which I’ve already got some great books lined up.

I’ve known about the free math resource – Khan Academy for a few years now, but just this month I checked it out again. Right away I noticed the tagline said over 38 million lessons delivered, and each time I refreshed the page, that number was updated. Today, the site hit over 40 million lessons. A few million lessons served in just a few weeks, wow!

This is an ASTOUNDING, AMAZING, ASTONISHING resource of 2000+ 10-minute (give-or-take) videos, mostly on math, but also on science and much more! They are easy to learn from and did I mention free?

The thing that caught my attention this month was that you can now login with your Google or Facebook ID and it will track your participation with Energy Points. You can earn points and badges from watching videos and doing your exercises.

I went through all the easiest Arithmetic videos and exercises and now almost done with Pre-Algebra. I will for sure be using this as a math and science supplement for Satori!

I could take all my own screenshots to show you, but it’s best if you just watch through his explanation video. I’m not sure this YouTube video will fit within my blog, if it doesn’t all show, just head here:

Khan Academy Exercise Software Video demonstration

Bill Gates is a huge fan – he uses Khan Academy for himself and his children. Khan Academy was also one of the first winners of the Google $10 million dollar award for Project 10^100, a global search for ideas that would “help the world the most”. What did Sal do with his $2 million from that? He turned right around and put that toward translating his videos into other languages, so even more of the world could benefit from his videos. Sal now works on Khan Academy full-time and has added a staff of six.

No matter if you homeschool, afterschool, or don’t even have children, you can use Khan Academy for yourself and/or your children to get up to speed on math. Since I’ve been watching these videos, I’ve become very psyched about math. I think you’ll see a big math focus in our household this spring.

Salman Khan is my hero!

I’ve uploaded our SOTW Lesson Plans on my Google Docs as public today. This is a work in progress and just helps me visualize the lessons in one handy place. Maybe this will help others too that are using Story of the World and the Activity Guide.

Also, I’ve found some great free resources! First up, a free Story of the World workbook that you can download immediately. Use this to write down narrations, illustrate drawings, keep a list of related books you’ve read, store photos of your activities, and more. It has a handy 2-day week, which you could easily extend to a 3-day week. (You’ll need to already own the Story of the World book and Activity Guide.)


The above workbook will help you build the ultimate history binder. I suppose you want a suitable cover and spine for your binder? No worries, download the free cover here or purchase one for just $1.50! (Scroll down for the free covers.)

Want more to choose from? Kathy Jo has over 70 Notebook Covers for all your homeschooling needs, from History to Science to Language Arts and more.

Need some interactive quizzes? No problem thanks to Elizabeth Stapel! She’s got chapters 1-34 covered, and some great reviews.