Daddy helped out with today’s lessons, this is the first time he’s done a FIAR lesson with us! (Five in a Row)

We did a quick little geography review, as Satori got a new “passport”, so we had to play with that and put our China passport stamp in it. Next Daddy and Satori examined China on Google Earth, had a blast zooming in on cities to see buildings and parks in China:


Next up was the FIAR Science portion for “The Story About Ping”. The first lesson was learning about North, South, East and West, particularly where the sun rises (east) and sets (west). Helpful tools included our compass, sun position, and our Sun Rise/Set dialer we built. After daddy read the book, we then did our Science Buoyancy experiment!

Satori gathered the materials on her chart:


Then the fun part! Dropping everything into the water! We used the Step2 Fun Flow Play Sink that Grandma and Grandpa got Satori for Christmas, so it was just the right size for Satori to plop things in the water. 🙂

As things sank or floated, we marked off the right column on our Buoyancy chart. Now, just like the little boy tied to the barrel floating on the Yangtze river, we discovered what floated and what sank.

(Photos were saved on a different website which I took down later. I’ll try to find these photos and get them up again sometime.)