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Tag: journal

So I’ve had this nature journal laying around. It isn’t the easiest to find, so I wanted to wait until Satori was ready to write in it. She begged to have it and finally I relented and gave it to her. I’m so glad I did!

She works on it every day. She’s adapted her handwriting to fit in its tiny spaces obviously made for older children/adults. She talks about her own children and how one day they will read it, and in her journal entries, she writes about this. She’s so super proud of her book.

Here is her very first entry, on the American Robin. You can click on the photos to see larger images.

The Robin one is hard to decipher, but it goes like this (spelling and grammar mostly corrected):

Robins have the most pretty colors in the world. It is bright brown and some dark red on the belly and gray feet. They like to be on the ground in Wisconsin. They like to eat worms. They have a beautiful voice and they fly out to get out of danger. They have long beaks and their beaks are sharp. When Robins need to warm up they fluff up their wings. They build their nest with horse hair and man hair and mud which warms the eggs up and the eggs have their mom to warm them up too with her nice furry coat.

When you see robins that means it is spring. Robins are not one of the smartest birds in the world but they are kinda smart and they nest in branches that you can’t reach them. If they nest in little trees you can reach the branches.

Robins build their nest with mud. Their eggs are blue…

Here’s one she finished last week about the King Bird.

My favorite part is this:

Kingbirds do an amazing thing. Here is what they do. When they (see a hawk) they would just get into a fight. Isn’t that amazing? Kingbirds have a yellow belly. It has a red patch on the top of the crest, black tail, and a dirty gray breast. They have a sharp bill, brown wings with a little bit of white. It likes to sit on telephone wires… has gray legs and a light blue back, white throat. (….)

Ask your mom to show you a picture of a kingbird. There’s a teeny bit of blue on the wing, the rest is brown just like I just told you. Black pupils… curved stripes in the tail. Sound goes like this – kip song, kip song, kip song.

Ask your mom to teach you about birds. You will learn about so many birds. I learned a lot of bird. Soon you will be an ornithologist and you will love being that kind of person. When you grow up, teach your children and soon they will write about birds too. When you’re seven you should read this book to your mom and dad. They will be so surprised that they will buy you a present. When you’re nine you start to make your own breakfast. I started when I was five.

Just wanted to share Satori’s new bird journal which we’ll be using as we read The Burgess Bird Book for Children.  You may notice below that she re-did some of her words and drawings, I put on a white sticker so she could redo them (just in case you’re wondering why 3 parts look strange). The below binder will house information about the birds we’re learning in the book.  We should actually make a new cover page.

Each chapter I’m printing out several bird photos of the bird we’re studying.

Then if we find a bird coloring page we’ll do that first while taking care to notice that bird’s particular markings. I’m taking one  of your suggestions and also printing off a fact list, map, and other helpful stuff. Even if she can’t read it all this year, one day she’ll look back and read it all with pride. 🙂

Here is Satori’s very first drawing, it is Jenny the House Wren.

This is Bully the House Sparrow. I blurted out that it looked more like a turkey, so she didn’t want it in her book. I gave her a quick bird anatomy/drawing lesson and she wanted to try again.

Here’s her second attempt of which she is more proud. She traced a drawing I had printed out, then used black marker to outline it. Finally, colored it in with her Lyra Ferby pencils.

I thought it would be cool if both Satori and I could draw realistic looking birds, so we’re doing a quick study of simple bird anatomy. I printed off this “Parts of a Bird” PDF page several times, and we’ll refer to it several times until the parts of a bird become second nature. Hopefully being familiar with the parts of a bird will help both of us draw future birds.

Here’s a interactive Bird Anatomy page that deserves a look! After  you play with that page, surf around for more fun stuff.

I also started printing off bird photos. These are all 4″x4″ and then laminated. On the bag are stickers with some facts about the bird.

Finally, another great idea I got from you readers is a bird tree to post these birds on! I’m still thinking about how to do this. Of course once it’s up we’ll share the pictures!