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Tag: letter

Found this lying on a table folded up, and found the money inside… Curiosity prompted me to open it. Click for more detail.

Looking at it with an analytical perspective (I never correct to Satori these things she does for fun), most words are spelled correctly, except for “dear”.  One backwards “D”. Sentences have proper end marks. One sentence fragment. One apostrophe is correct, one is out of place. Pretty good for not going over most of this stuff yet for a 5 year old.

Look for a new letter we’ll be sending out soon Gramy! You’ll even get to splurge on something. 🙂

Satori in Santa hat decorating the tree. I had an empty holiday frame sitting around and thought I’d shoot a few pictures to fill it out. 🙂

She asked why the Christmas lights looked like sticker circles, hehe. I said I was trying to achieve that, and it’s called bokeh.

As I was preparing these images for this blog post, Satori made me a letter, and I just had to share…

As you can see, we are to the point where no intensive-parent-translations are needed. Just a mild effort is needed to read her letters. This letter tonight says:

i have the bestest mom ever

We get letters like this all the time. Every now and then I can’t resist sharing.

I admit we haven’t written any penpal letters the past week and a half, but I couldn’t resist posting this one! As I was hastily uploading photos earlier, Satori took a pen and paper and wrote grandma a letter. I did not help her at all (usually I dictate the letters for her to write her sentences), this is all Satori. 🙂

I am sorry that it will not make much sense to the average reader, but this is the best my 4 year old can do when writing a paragraph letter to her grandma. I love documenting these efforts, it wasn’t too long ago when she just had chicken scratch (no letters at all, just scribbles), then random letters, and now we have random words! It won’t be long until she is truly writing stories and letters all by herself with no help from me.

Letter to Grandma

Letter to Grandma

This says:



POP YES 3970




Again, I did not help her spell any of this, she was doing this all herself. I think it’s adorable! She is now writing a letter to grandpa. His is full of the words DEAR, CAT, FUN and random numbers. 🙂

A side note, Satori is on some kind of growth spurt, both mentally and physically. She seems to be wanting to learn tons and is asking all the time to do lessons. (We took a break last week while I designed our reading room.) She also is ALWAYS HUNGRY, which is not like her. I swear she is eating 10 meals a day! I want to clarify that she is not one of those  child geniuses that teach themselves how to read and do an entire Singapore math workbook in one day, but she is really progressing fast lately! She is attempting to write in lower case even though we haven’t covered it and has been picking up random books and trying to read them. I feel guilty that I do not spend much time actually homeschooling her this summer, it’s just a few minutes a day. This fall we’ll be more focused.

Thank you Nature's Own

Thank you Nature's Own

Satori gave Mike and Levi at Nature’s Own in Nederland, CO this thank you note today. 🙂 Levi was kind enough to spend some time a few weeks ago to show us the fossils they had in the store and helped pick out her first trilobite fossil. (Can you tell Satori likes trilobites yet?)

We have a few pen-pals now, and have gotten some nice letters, so we’ll be spending tomorrow writing some of her new friends. Great way to practice handwriting, we haven’t done this for awhile!

Daddy, this one’s for you. It’s a picture of Satori and her dog Maddie. Satori is crying because she misses her daddy. (David travels during the week for his job.)


Here’s what the scribblings are saying, as Satori dictates her words to me:

“Dear Daddy,

I wish you didn’t have to go to Minnesota. I’m sad about that. You go to Minnesota again and again and again, gain, gain.

– Satori”

We look forward to the day Daddy doesn’t have to fly out every week. This was kinda a sad post!