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Tag: maps

Last week we covered our second chapter using Story of the World (the first week was Chapter 0), and we got our first mapwork assignment. To be honest, I didn’t think Satori would take any interest in the map, so I didn’t really have her do the mapwork assignment. (I should have learned by now not to underestimate her.) We read our stories, I quickly showed her a map of the lesson, and then I turned away to work on my computer. I distractedly heard something along the lines of “I’m drawing maps!” but I gave some lame response like “That’s nice dear.”

Ten minutes later, Satori ran up to me excitedly and showed me a piece of paper. It was the map of Egypt and the Nile! She pointed out her delta, the Nile, the Red Sea, and the compass rose (which wasn’t even on the map I showed her).

Satori Says: Look Mom, I even wrote the Mediterranean Sea, but I ran out of space, so just wrote Medi! Ha ha!

As I sat there with my jaw open, she ran down to Daddy’s office and told him all about King Narmer and the Red and White Crown Kings and their battle and that King Narmer won. Daddy was pretty impressed and came upstairs to the Learning Loft to hang out with us then.

I then glanced at the floor and saw several other maps.

As I’m posting this to my blog tonight, I asked Satori what the two dots on these maps were, as I couldn’t see any cities on our map.

Satori Says: That’s where the Red and White Crown Kings lived, and only the White King has a crown now because he defeated the Red Crown King and he pronounced that he was the King of all Egypt!

She said ” pronounced”. She loves to use big words now, and I wonder if that was the word SOTW used. Coincidentally, that was part of the SOWT mapwork lesson, to add the crowns on the map, but she did it without even knowing…

Here is the SOTW Activity Guide pages that were part of this lesson. We are seeing shadufs everywhere now. Granted, we are watching videos on Egypt this week.

I also have the History Odyssey eBook for Ancients. I am going to attempt to mesh together History Odyssey and SOTW to get the best experience out of both. (And maybe Myths, Maps, and Marvels.) They are very similar, but cover topics in a different chronological order. History Odyssey covers the SOTW chapters, so hopefully it won’t be too much of a challenge to combine the best of both… We have the History Odyssey (I may now refer to this as HO) recommended spines and resources ready to go. Browsing through the eBook, they have some wonderful activity suggestions, some of which we already have lined up, such as books, videos, and other activities.

History Odyssey (HO) offers a map too:

And for anyone curious about the Knowledge Quest maps, we got their new Map Trek: Ancient World. When they first launched this new product, we got a deal, but it is now only $14.95 and I love the beautifully colored maps. There are also blank outline maps for the student. Included are lesson plans, glossary, and more – 89 pages in all. We got the download, so I can print these out anytime and can use with future children. This is not a secular product, there are some maps some people may not be able to use, but I think it’s worth it anyway. Here’s a sample:

And the blank outline student map:

So now you will understand why I vote that it is okay to start SOTW with a kindergartner if they are ready for history. 🙂 The majority of homeschoolers will wait for this until first grade. Every day and night she tells me she loves studying history. She says she is “eager” to learn more and more! She can’t wait to learn more about the Egyptians, China, India, and the Medieval Times. I hope she has fun learning everything in between as well.

In just one week Satori and I will resume our history lessons. This time we’ll be including some mapwork, so in preparation for such maps, this December I gave Satori a refresher on map and geography basics. The below book was an excellent overview of the world, with tons of pictures and colorful maps – from the Usborne Children’s Picture Atlas.

This introduced us to the world with simple descriptions of geographic areas, culture, animals, transportation, etc… Images on the bottoms of the page where shown where we could then look for them on the maps in the back.

Satori had a great time searching for everything! She got a great intro to all the continents and oceans of the world.

We used our Rand McNally Schoolhouse Beginner Geography & Map Activities workbook to learn more about reading and understanding maps.

While we are still on Christmas break, Mom has some fun interactive ways to expand on our knowledge of maps and the world. Stay tuned for those activities.