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Just in case you haven’t heard, Math Mammoth is on sale now at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op for half off! I blogged about this last month, but the actual sale wasn’t on until this month of March. It hit the 50% off mark sometime last week and the offer is good through this Thursday (3/31). This is a worksheet-based program that teaches math straight to the student. I have not found a better combination of affordable, easy, and effective math for the elementary years.

We’ve been using Math Mammoth Light Blue 1A/1B as a supplement, but there are tons of families happily using it for their main math program. We’re now ready for MM grade 2, so we’ll be getting the Light Blue Series Package PDF download. This includes the complete elementary mathematics curriculum for grades 1-6 for just $64.00 (plus $1.95 service fee). That’s $11 per year of very effective math program! It includes the Soft-Pak bonus software where you can generate even more worksheets.

There are other packages to choose from, including the Blue Series, Download or CD options, and more. Head on over and check it out!


Feb 24

I took these pictures a few weeks ago, but I want to get more posts of us using our curriculum in action. So the next few weeks, look for updates on how we’re doing in all our favorite programs! I then tag our curriculum by its abbreviation I use. So all Math Mammoth posts should have this link:

In Math Mammoth 1-B, you’ll be doing a lot of 100-chart and place value work. These have actually really helped Satori lately, she now has another tool aside from her abacus to think of numbers. The way she’s been talking, I know she’s got this 100-Chart in her head now. Here’s a sample page of work she did a few weeks back.

Since she totally loves hands-on, mama-daddy-interaction, I knew this floor Hip Hoppin Hundred Chart Map (by Learning Resources) would be a hit. Before you use it, let it AIR OUT for like a month somewhere. We had lots of fun playing with her number mat, and she wants it out everyday now. She teaches Daddy math on the weekends with it as well. 🙂

Back to Math Mammoth, here’s an online math game that Maria (creator of Math Mammoth) linked to on our sheet. At first it took Satori a long time to figure out where the numbers were on this blank chart, but after some practice, she’s a real pro now.

Play it yourself here! Find the 10 hidden bones on the 1-100 number square in less than a minute.

The past month people have been buzzing about Math Mammoth’s huge 40% off sale coming in March at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Well this morning I noticed it was already up! If they hit 50 orders, the best discount of 40% off will be offered. I can pretty much guarantee they will hit that mark.

Math Mammoth 40% at Homeschool Buyers Co-op

We use Math Mammoth as a supplement to the more teacher-intensive RightStart B Math. On days I don’t get to RightStart or if we are traveling without our manipulatives, Satori still can get in her math. She usually does 2-3 pages in one lesson. It has a unique combination of being probably the most affordable and easiest to teach out of the math programs available today, while still being extremely effective. This whole program is based on worksheets that are surprisingly easy for the student to teach themselves or learn with minimal parent help. Some people do use it as a stand-alone math program.

Years 1 through 6 can be purchased as the Light Blue full curriculum for just $70.80 (or $11.80 per year). The year is broken up into A and B for each year, and this offering covers up through year 6-B. If you already have a math curriculum, you can supplement with their Blue package, which covers single topics for years 1-6 (1,700 lesson pages) for just $9 a year. If you get their downloadable PDFs, you have to factor in printing expenses of course. Here is our Year 1 A & B printed out and in their binders.

People on the homeschooling forums I hang out on can’t get enough of Math Mammoth. It’s certainly been one of the hottest math topics since they had their last big sale when it went for 40% off before.

Here is the home page for Math Mammoth.

Although Math Mammoth is a mastery program (you cover one topic  until you master it), we like to mix it up a bit and make it more of a spiral. So we’re in 1-B now and reviewing place value, but will be going back to 1-A this week for a month. Here’s a page Satori did today.

Here’s a page we’ll be doing later this spring.

NOTE: I can’t claim to be an Math Mammoth expert, as we’ve only been using it very lightly as a supplement.  I can’t say Satori has learned anything new with Math Mammoth’s methods, as we learn things first in RightStart, and then use these worksheets as a review. We also mix it up instead of the intended order.  Either way, I thought I’d talk a bit about it to let everyone know they can get this math program next month for a great deal. It is a popular math program, and people using anything from Singapore to RightStart to Saxon to (insert math program) have been finding ways to take advantage of Math Mammoth.

If you go through the co-op, I do think you’d have to wait until after it’s finished to get your download or CD. So that means not until early April will you have it available. If you want it faster, head to Kagi store to get it as an instant download at 20% off until Friday, February 25, using the coupon FEBSALE.