This will be our third project from The Usborne Art Treasury book. We love this book because the projects turn out to be colorful, unique artwork that you’ll want to hang on your wall. They’re so much fun to do.

Of course after finishing, Satori did want to frame it, but we ended up with a project that wouldn’t be framed easily.

We wanted to do their Monet project, so we started out with a review on who Monet was. Satori already knew this through our Meet the Masters lesson we just did, so she was anxious to get to the actual project.

The Monet art project of the book was “Layered Lilies” using tissue paper. The book gave sufficient instructions as well as a colorful visual to see how it might turn out.

Tearing tissue paper into narrow strips was easier than I anticipated, as long as you tear just one layer at a time. Within ten minutes, we were swimming in a sea of cool blues.

We then took our glue sticks and glued the strips of tissue paper to make the watery pond. We layered them on to simulate Monet’s layers of colored paint.

Had we followed the book directions, we were supposed to get our lilypad and flower circles by tearing them around a glass jar bottom, but that didn’t work for us. Neither did a paper puncher. So I just cut circles to make our lilypads and flowers. Satori glued them on.

And here’s our finished “Layered Lilies”!