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Tag: mud lake

Here’s a few photos of today’s hike around Mud Lake.

Learning how Mud Lake was probably formed…

Learning some geology…

Smelling trees…

What a great group!

Last time we visited Mud Lake (forgot my camera), we saw TONS of crayfish, and Daddy picked them up all wriggling for us. We couldn’t wait to visit again, but wanted to bring dad along, as neither Satori nor I had the guts to pick one up.

Mud Lake

Mud Lake

To our extreme disappointment, there weren’t the dozens and dozens of big crayfish wiggling along the shore! Oh wait, there are BABY ones! Satori was the first to scoop up a baby crayfish successfully.


Mama did find one big crayfish, but it was recently deceased. 🙁 David thinks it laid its eggs and then died, but we don’t know. Maybe we’ll do a Crayfish unit study someday. 🙂



We then took a hike and checked out all the colorful wildflowers.