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Here’s a few photos of today’s hike around Mud Lake.

Learning how Mud Lake was probably formed…

Learning some geology…

Smelling trees…

What a great group!

We attended this on Wednesday, and just thought I’d share a few photos. This Not-Back-To-School (NBTS) picnic was for our Colorado NICHE group. We had a blast and both Satori and I met so many new friends! The food was delicious, they even had an entire gluten-free table alongside the normal food table.

What a fun park to host a big picnic! When we got too hot, we’d cool off in the splash area.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with the Colorado NICHE folks! Satori got to meet some other homeschoolers in our area. They were all super nice and we had a great time!

Most of the children attend OPTIONS, which we’re planning to start this fall, one day a week school down in Boulder.

We made little sponge balls, dubbed “funges”!

The kids loved to get them saturated with water and have a sponge ball fight while out in the water.

We can’t wait to do more stuff with this fun group!