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We’ve been busy at Fox Mountain Academy the past few weeks, so I haven’t had time to blog much! (That’s the name we put on our homeschool ID cards and what we call ourselves.) We started September 6th with official second grade. Since Daddy has been in Chile a lot lately (and is there for two weeks), we are sending him a picture of Satori doing her work. She’s lost quite a few teeth recently, so one of her new nicknames is “Toothless”. 🙂

So far we’ve been very happy with all our curriculum, I think I’m finally getting good at picking out what might be a success in our homeschool. Some new curriculum we are trying out this fall include:

  • Adventures in America (plus our own additional readings for American/US History)
  • English From the Roots Up (just a few minutes a few times a week, so far we learned PHOTO and GRAPH)
  • Minimus Latin (another fun Latin we started after Song School Latin)
  • Writing With Ease 2(third time’s a charm, we flew through WWE1 in a few weeks and started 2)
  • Reading lots of books! Just finished Mary Poppins and The Hobbit this week. Starting Lord of the Rings and The Voyages of Dr. DoLittle
  • and a few others we haven’t started yet

We have moved to the next level/year in:

Satori is also attending a Colorado homeschool enrichment program called OPTIONS. We are in love with her first grade teacher!!! She’s been a dream… always so positive, creative, and nurturing. She even has a blog with included student family permission and no names listed of course. You can see what Satori did in her second week of school. Satori can be spotted in the second picture, next to her best friend! She loves hanging out with her friends but is glad it’s only one day a week. She tells me excitedly about everything they learn – the wordless books by David Weisner, all about the rainforest, warm and dry colors in art, her new Spanish teacher, and so on…

While I write this blog post, after she finished her independent work, she then started putting name tags on a half dozen of her stuffed animals, so they can learn along with her and I can ask the whole “class” questions. New students include: Peter Rabbit, Roxie Dog, Pixel Bear, Cobbler the dog, and Tigriss Tiger.

It’s getting cooler and we see snow up on the mountain tops when we leave the gulch we live by. We had to turn our heat on one day already.

We miss you Daddy and Gramy and Grampy!!!


Today was Satori’s first day of school, her one-day-a-week school for homeschoolers. Halfway home, she fell asleep so once we got home I laid her on the couch. Three hours later, she’s still sleeping!

Our school is over an hour away from us, so we had to wake up three hours earlier than we’re used to. She had so much fun and talked non-stop the first 30 minutes of our car ride home. Her favorite class was Writing. For art, they studied Mondrian and made some Mondrian-inspired art. Other lessons included math, science, music, and physical education. They are supposed to have 30 minutes of Spanish, but Satori said they didn’t do any Spanish. She said her teacher sounded impressed that she was learning Latin.

Her teacher already emailed me before we arrived home to say Satori did very well and made some new friends. She said she plans to provide more challenge for those kids who already know the basics of reading, writing and math, so that is so good to know. Today Satori said they learned how to write the letter “A”, hehe. I figured it would be pretty basic stuff, but I can already tell that Satori is loving attending OPTIONS anyway. She did say she’s glad she isn’t going every single day, every Monday is about enough for her.