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Tag: paleontology

It’s a bit windy, but here’s a video of Satori earning her Paleontology Badge at Dinosaur Monument last month! She was a wee bit shy, but she completed her pledge!

Satori worked on her Dig Real Fossils Kit the past 2 days and we’ve uncovered all four fossils.

Here’s our fossil kit as it came to us, some tools and the block in this tube.

Our new Fossil Dig Kit

Our new Fossil Dig Kit

The sand brick was very quite hard, so we added our own pick and some goggles. Caution, don’t do this on a porch with cracks, you might lose a fossil!


We wised up and continued our dig on a table. Here you can see the beginning of a fossil being uncovered.


Here’s our 4 fossils we excavated! This photo deserved to be taken with my macro lens, so I took a careful picture to show the detail. Introducing our ammonite shell, brachiopod shell, shark tooth and squid shell!

Our 4 fossils!

Our 4 fossils!

Here’s a short little video clip of our afternoon. We found a Brachiopod shell and an Ammonite shell, both real fossils!

I’d blog more, but we’re heading to see our new baby boy cousins – Brady and Beckett!