I hope you all are having a great school year so far. And yes, the family behind Satori Smiles still homeschools. 🙂 This post is to update those who keep checking back in vain for anything new. I’ve been feeling the urge to blog and share Satori’s homeschooling and the fun things we learn once again, so hopefully many posts will soon follow this one.


What’s new with us? The first major event is that we moved down the mountain into a suburb a bit south of Denver. Enjoying all the conveniences of city life, it is a mixed blessing. We miss our spacious mountain home, the fresh pine-scented air, but now Satori gets to enjoy taking classes like gymnastics! We moved June 2013, so we’ve been settled in our little house rental for just over four months now. Yep, we’re renting this home while we try to sell our mountain home. David has a new job where he doesn’t travel so much, and gets to work from home or nearby Denver.

What hasn’t changed? Satori still writes for hours a day and still reads maybe an hour or two. She has been ravenously tearing through all the Rick Riordan books, starting with the Percy Jackson series, and moving to Kane Chronicles and the Heroes of Olympus. I can tell the quality of her writing has been reflected these types of books. I think I’m going to push more books with a bit better literary quality after she gets through this phase. She also plays a lot of Sims…  I asked what she likes about the the Sims and she says “I like to create families and build houses.” We’re going to try to cut down on the video game playing (mom and dad included) this year. If successful, you’ll see more action on this blog.

In addition to homeschooling, Satori attends a homeschool enrichment program two mornings a week where they take Spanish and Science.  The pace is slow for her, but we like that she gets to meet new friends. Extracurricular activities that have been a favorite have been piano/voice lessons and gymnastics. We left our baby grand piano up at our mountain home, so we had to get a keyboard for her to practice. She loves piano and singing so much that she practices a lot and now wants a smaller keyboard for her room and for when we travel to her Grandparents house. Gymnastics has also been a hit, I watched her progress from awkward beginnings to doing cartwheels, handstands, rolls, backward rolls, bridges, back-bends with relative graceful ease. This is one hour classes twice a week with a two hour Open Gym we throw in every now and then.

Next post I will share our Grade 3 2013-2014 curriculum.