Playdate today! First up was Cranium’s game – Hullaboo. This is a great game for energetic kids, and easy to play! At an easy level, the game calls out for kids to crawl, spin, hop to a certain color, shape, food, animal. We haven’t played the harder level yet, but I think it gets a bit like Twister, with everyone putting certain body parts on certain pieces. 🙂



We also played fishing to practice our numbers, but our visitor was a bit younger and I had to name her numbers for her. I am still new to homeschooling Satori, so I am learning everyday what she knows and doesn’t know. She recognized all the numbers that her fishing rod caught (numbers were 1-10). This fun game, called Fishing for Numbers, I bought from Lakeshore Learning and the mats can be turned around and show quantities, not the actual numbers for an added challenge. I also plan to use this game with the magnetic alphabet (both upper and lowercase that we already have here).

* On a whim, I quizzed her on numbers 0-10, and she knew every number by looking at it except 6, 9, and 10. She is getting confused with the letter P for some of these, which is understandable when first learning these. I have the Math U See Primer (for pre-K/K) on the way and we’ll start that next week so she can know her numbers.


Lentil – Social Studies day

On to Social Studies day to kick off Lentil! This is our third FIAR book, and our very first one that is set in the United States. After learning a bit about Ohio, where Lentil lives, we colored in the Ohio flag. The Ohio flag is shaped like a pendant, the only American flag not shaped as the typical rectangle!  We really study geography in a few different ways, so by the end of the lesson, she’s fairly good at picking out Ohio on a map.


And because I don’t have a good picture of our laminated maps up yet, here they are!