Since I started this blog just over 6 weeks ago, I had been obsessed with researching the perfect homeschool for a preschooler. All my energy, time, and funds went towards my research. I hadn’t paid attention to how I was eating, didn’t work out, and didn’t spend my money on healthy organic foods. It’s no wonder I got sick for a good 2-3 weeks during this time!

Well, not to worry, the majority of my research and shopping has concluded, so now I can focus on a balanced life. I’m hopping on that treadmill again, buying healthy foods and getting more sleep. One of the healthiest things I love is a green smoothie.


I had never heard of these before last fall, when I started trying to eat my raw foods. Since then, I’ve noticed mamas on all my favorite online hangouts talking about their green smoothies. The key to a green smoothie is to eat leafy greens in a digestible and palatable way. Above I threw in spinach, banana, blueberries, strawberries, broccoli sprouts, and grapes and then blended. I must disclose that I got a very powerful blender for my green smoothies but you can use any normal blender. Normally I also like to grind up fresh flaxseeds and add them to the smoothie for some Omega-3s. Here is our smoothie being blended, with 14 seconds to go.

Green Smoothie blended

Blended Green Smoothie

Normally your smoothie will turn green! Some mamas get tricky to get their kids to drink the smoothie, so they use red “greens” to make it more red. I wouldn’t throw in too many sprouts, as certain things have too strong a flavor and sprouts seem to be one. Try all kinds of greens, mix it up, and all kinds of fruits, avocado, you name it. You can leave the leaves on the strawberries, they’ll blend smooth.

Luckily, my little girl loves our green smoothies! I never hear her beg for a spinach salad, but she will whoop in excitement for her green smoothie!


I make a big batch and drink it for breakfast or take it on the go.


Green Smoothie on the go

Green Smoothie on the go

For more information on green smoothies, head to:

and the book that got me started:


Green for Life

Green for Life