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Tag: snow

We celebrated Satori’s 5th birthday yesterday with a Fairy Magical party. Despite a winter ice storm, all our mountain friends made it except one who didn’t have snow tires. And my brother’s family from the flat-lands made it even, but had to walk up our driveway. The party lasted almost 4 hours and most called to let us know they got home safely after the party.

Mama had so much fun decorating for this party! A magical autumn fairy grotto was the centerpiece in our living room with twinkling lights, autumn leaves and tulle draped everywhere. Tiny tea party sets were placed in the middle so our little fairies could celebrate.

Fairy Grotto

Fairy Grotto


As people arrived, we beaded fairy wreaths. It was fun getting to know each other, as we live in a mountain community, which I think is more close-knit than places we’ve lived in the past. There were 3 homeschooling families, new friends of ours that were at the party.

Photography backgrounds were setup, but by the time I pulled out my camera, a couple of guests had to leave to beat the ice storm home.



Satori had a blast running around with her old and new friends!


Satori and cousin Peyton:




Even Aiden gets into the fairy spirit for a moment!


Every year Satori freaks out when we sing Happy Birthday to her. This year she was okay through the song, but then she fell off her chair and slid under the table so she couldn’t blow her candles out. Next year I am sure she will make it all the way through this birthday ritual! 😉



Big Snow!

Oct 28

We woke up to this today:


It hasn’t stopped the birds, you might be able to see one of the large Stellar Blue Jays in the tree.

We are supposed to get 3-4 feet of snow by tomorrow. Luckily, our neighbor plowed us out this morning before we woke up, although he’ll probably have to do it again.


Technically, today is the last day of summer, but look what we got today! We woke up to snow! And proceeded to get a few inches today.


I should’ve taken a snow photo actually outside, but I was busy all day and just so happened to have my camera up in our Learning Loft (photos coming next), and I loved how blue the outside looked compared to the warm interior.

Driving back from our Wisconsin vacation, we just so happened to listen to the news and find out that our mountain area got almost 5 feet of snow as we were driving home! Depending on the source, 51-56 inches of wet, heavy snow. The National Guard was even called in to help with stranded travelers. So we extended our stay at my parent’s and also on our drive home stayed at our ‘dog hotels’ (La Quinta accepts dogs) for two nights. David had to fly back to Minnesota to work yesterday, and Satori and I drove home.

Luckily our neighbors are excavators so our driveway was plowed, but we still couldn’t make it up the hill to our house. Just a short steep walk though. Today I had quite a bit of packages to send out, and walking through the rapidly melting, but still 3 feet of snow and then up our steep driveway with heavy bins wasn’t very much fun. I had to use a sled part of the way.


I have been really missing our homeschool learning and can’t wait to start again. I miss updating this blog daily and taking photos. So I just snapped a few random shots. 🙂

My Bengal cat glaring at me:



And my lovely daughter smiling at me:

Satori Smiles

Satori Smiles

We may row a quick FIAR book this week, and I might do “Very Last First Time”, as my husband has been dying for us to row a book about Canada, as he’s Canadian. 🙂

Next week we head to an unexpected vacation – hiking in Utah!

Another snow storm today, and I’m a little bummed because we wanted to go to our Italian dinner down in Boulder at the Gondolier (appropriately named for this week’s FIAR book). But both David and I were in awe at how beautiful the snow was.



The snow was so light and fluffy, this time we could actually SEE the snowflake detail, and the 6 points

Snowflake detail

Fluffy snow

Snowflake detail

Snowflake detail

So we stayed in as a family, took relaxing family nap, and then played some learning games. I quizzed Satori again on her lower case alphabet, this time she knew all the letters, but saved the b, d, u, and n for last, as they’re the same letter, just turned upside-down. (Last time we did this, not too long ago, she had no clue what about 8-10 letters were.)

lower case alphabet

lower case alphabet

Satori had no problem with this alphabet puzzle.

Alphabet letter puzzle

Alphabet letter puzzle

We’ve extended our Katy rowing a few more days to study compasses and blizzards and finish our Katy and the Big Snow lapbook.

Thanks to Hands of a Child, we had a few Compass lapbook entries to add. After working with all the paper plates earlier, I decided to make a compass for Satori, using of course, a paper plate as the compass. Satori then wrote in the letters for directions. She knew where to put “N” for north, and knew the rest of the letters, but not where to put them, so mama had to help. We colored one end of a stick red to point to North. I manually drilled a whole in the center of the stick, and then using a little brad, pinned it to the middle of our compass. (A cardstock compass needle would be an easy option.) Now, Satori can spin the compass dial and point it to North herself!


Then I attempted to explain blizzards. I told her about the “Storm of the Century” (the March 1993 one) in which I went to Florida via bus for spring break, but got stuck in that scary blizzard. We talked about the Schoolchildren Blizzard in 1888 (tomorrow we will read a book on this).

Another creative inspiration hit me.

Vehicles Stuck in Snow

  • Construction paper of different colors, including black
  • Circle paper puncher (or cut out circles yourself)
  • Ziplock bag
  • “Snow” – white sand, white glitter

We took a scrap of black construction paper and had Satori paper-punch round circles out. I then cut out vehicle shapes and had Satori glue her black tires on them. Here we made a fire engine, ambulance, and sports car. Satori placed them in our zip bag.


I happened to have some sparkly white sand handy, so we filled the bag with the sand. I then taped it shut.

Satori got a kick out of trying to “plow” out the vehicles in the snow!


We’re almost finished with our Katy and the Big Snow lapbook. Tomorrow we’ll wrap it all up and start our next FIAR rowing!

Katy and the Big Snow Lapbook

Katy and the Big Snow Lapbook

To take advantage of all our newly fallen snow that’s just a handful away, we did a few science experiments on our snow.


Yesterday the meteorologist predicted 18 inches of snow to fall in the mountains. Does that mean 18 inches of water? Let’s find out. We gathered a jarful of snow, right outside our kitchen.


Gathering fresh mountain snow

After Satori filled it to the brim (no packing down), we measured with a tape measure. Fresh snow in a jar measured to be 5 inches.

5 inches of snow

5 inches of fresh snow

Two hours later, it was completely melted. (By this time Daddy got home from his snowstorm delay and got to help us.)

Did we still have 5 inches of melted snow? No, it was only one inch of water!

1 inch of melted snow

1 inch of melted snow

Maddie lapped up the fresh snow and we also went over the results of our second experiment.


Does snow melt faster by itself, or with salt on top?

Does salt help snow melt faster?

Does salt help snow melt faster?

And I’m sorry to say that the snow melted before we could make a photo comparison, but we did see right away that the snow with SALT melted faster!


I finally got Satori to peruse the snowflake website so we got to see all the different possible types of snowflakes, and what might form in what temperatures. Then I pulled out our black cutting board I had stuck in the freezer overnight and collected some snow. We whipped out our magnifying glasses and looked at the individual flakes. But both Satori and I were a bit disappointed in these flakes, as yesterday, we had TONS of fresh fluffy snow falling down fast! Too bad I didn’t get the idea at that time.


Examining Snow

If you click on this photo for more detail, you can kinda see some 6-pointed snowflakes.


Using a microscope on snow

We were so happy to see our neighbors use their big truck to plow our overwhelmingly steep and long driveway, we’ve been stuck at home all week! Just like Katy and the Big Snow, we needed help to get out of our house. 🙂


Plowed driveway, we can get out of our house!